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STMicroelectronics STM32H743I-EVAL Rev.B

STM32H743XIHx, 1 x 8M x 32-bit SDRAM, 1 x 8M x 16-bit Nor Flash

Mounted Device: STM32H743XIHx
Compatible Devices:
Debug Interface:

STMicroelectronics STM32H743I-EVAL Evaluation Board Support and Examples

I/Os 34 Motor Control Connector, 60 Daughterboard Extension header 1, 60 Daughterboard Extension header 2
  • Digital I/Os:34 x Motor Control Connector
  • Digital I/Os:60 x Daughterboard Extension header 1
  • Digital I/Os:60 x Daughterboard Extension header 2
Connectors USB, CAN, RS232, Ethernet, I2C, LineIn, LineOut, MIC
  • USB:1 x High-Speed USB with micro-AB Connector
  • USB:2 x Full-Speed USB with micro-AB Connector
  • CAN:1 x CAN
  • RS232:1 x RS232
  • Ethernet:1 x 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • I2C:4 x I2C
  • Line In:1 x Audio CODEC with Stereo Line-In/Out and Speaker/Microphone
  • Line Out:1 x Audio CODEC with Stereo Line-In/Out and Speaker/Microphone
  • Mic:2 x ST MEMS microphones
  • Other Connectors:1 x Motor control connector
Controls Push-buttons, Potentiometer, Joystick
  • Push-buttons:2 x Push-Buttons for Reset, Wakeup/Tamper or Key
  • Potentiometer:1 x Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input (potentiometer)
  • Joystick:1 x 5-position Joystick
Other Speaker, LED, GLCD, Camera, Other
  • Speaker:2 x Speaker
  • LEDs:4 x 4 color user LEDs
  • GLCD:1 x 800.480 4-inch 800x480 TFT color LCD with capacitive touch panel
  • Camera:1 x Camera
  • Other:1 x Digital Stereo Microphone
Core Components STM32H743XIHx, 5 V Power, 3 V - 5 V Power
  • On-board Debug Adapter:1 x On-board ST-LINK/V2
  • Oscillator:25 MHzCrystal Oscillator
  • Power Supply:5 V USB Powered
  • Power Supply:3 V - 5 V External Supply
  • Device:STM32H743XIHx
  • Compatible Devices:STM32H743,
On-Board Memory 8M x 32-bit SDRAM, 1M x 16-bit SRAM, 8M x 16-bit Nor Flash, 512-Mbit Quad-SPI NOR Flash
  • RAM:1 x 8M x 32-bit SDRAM
  • RAM:1 x 1M x 16-bit SRAM
  • Flash:1 x 8M x 16-bit Nor Flash
  • Flash:1 x 512-Mbit Quad-SPI NOR Flash
  • SD/microSD/MMC Card Holder:1 x SDIO interface microSD card
Development Tools
  • CAN Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • Ethernet MAC Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • I2C Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • MCI Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • SPI Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • USART Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • USB Device Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • USB Host Driver for STM32H7 Series
  • CMSIS-RTOS2 Blinky
  • CAN
  • CAN FD
  • USB Device HID
  • USB Device Mass Storage
  • USB Host Mass Storage
  • USB Host Keyboard
  • BSD Client IPv4/IPv6
  • BSD Server IPv4/IPv6
  • FTP Server IPv4/IPv6
  • HTTP Server IPv4/IPv6
  • HTTP Upload IPv4/IPv6
  • SMTP Client IPv4/IPv6
  • SNMP Agent IPv4/IPv6
  • Telnet Server IPv4/IPv6
  • File System Demo
  • emWin Example
  • emWin GUI Demo
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