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Mounted Device: MKL02Z32xxx4

The FRDM-KL02Z is an ultra-low-cost development platform enabled by the Kinetis(r) L series KL02 family built on the ARM(r) Cortex(r)-M0+ processor.

Features include the open standard embedded serial and debug adapter (OpenSDA), providing easy access to MCU I/O, battery-ready, low-power operation, a standard-based form factor with expansion board options and a built-in debug interface for flash programming and run-control. The FRDM-KL02Z is supported by a range of NXP(r) and third-party development software.

This hardware can be purchased through NXP distribution partners.

Development Tools
  • cmsis_i2c_int_b2b_transfer_master
  • cmsis_i2c_int_b2b_transfer_slave
  • cmsis_i2c_read_accel_value_transfer
  • cmsis_lpsci_interrupt_transfer
  • cmsis_spi_interrupt_b2b_transfer_master
  • cmsis_spi_interrupt_b2b_transfer_slave
  • adc16_low_power
  • bubble
  • hello_world
  • power_manager
  • power_mode_switch
  • shell
  • adc16_interrupt
  • adc16_polling
  • cmp_interrupt
  • cmp_polling
  • cop
  • pflash
  • gpio_led_output
  • i2c_interrupt
  • i2c_interrupt_b2b_transfer_master
  • i2c_interrupt_b2b_transfer_slave
  • i2c_polling_b2b_transfer_master
  • i2c_polling_b2b_transfer_slave
  • i2c_read_accel_value_transfer
  • lpsci_interrupt
  • lpsci_interrupt_rb_transfer
  • lpsci_interrupt_transfer
  • lpsci_polling
  • lptmr
  • mcg_fee_blpe
  • mcg_fee_blpi
  • mcg_fei_blpi
  • spi_interrupt_b2b_master
  • spi_interrupt_b2b_slave
  • spi_interrupt_b2b_transfer_master
  • spi_interrupt_b2b_transfer_slave
  • spi_polling_b2b_transfer_master
  • spi_polling_b2b_transfer_slave
  • tpm_input_capture
  • tpm_output_compare
  • tpm_pwm_twochannel
  • tpm_simple_pwm
  • tpm_timer
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