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Infineon TLE9879 EvalKit V1.1


Mounted Device: TLE9879QXA40
Compatible Devices:
TLE9871QXA20 TLE9873QXW40 TLE9877QXA20 TLE9877QXA40 TLE9877QXW40 TLE9879QXA20 TLE9879QXW40
Debug Interface:
J-Link Lite

Infineon TLE9879 EvalKit Board Support and Examples

I/Os 13 Pins at pin headers
  • Digital I/Os:13 x Pins at pin headers
Other LED
  • LEDs:8 x User LEDs
Core Components TLE9879QXA40, 5 V Power, 12 V - 5 V Power
  • On-board Debug Adapter:1 x On-board J-LINK Lite
  • Power Supply:5 V USB Powered
  • Power Supply:12 V - 5 V POWER Connector for external supply
  • Device:TLE9879QXA40
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9871QXA20
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9873QXW40
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9877QXA20
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9877QXA40
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9877QXW40
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9879QXA20
  • Compatible Devices:TLE987x Series, TLE9879QXW40
Development Tools
  • PMU Power Saving SleepMode
  • Blinky Running Lights
  • Blinky
  • PMU Power Saving StopMode
  • PMU Power Saving SleepMode CyclicWake
  • PMU Reset Status
  • SCU PLL adjustment
  • SCU PLL with XTAL
  • NVM Programming
  • NVM Programming with RAM branch
  • NVM Protection
  • ADC2 VS measurement
  • ADC1 Seq
  • ADC1 EIM
  • ADC1 ESM
  • TIMER2 blink
  • TIMER2 PWM capture
  • GPT12E.T3 reload
  • GPT12E.T3 concatenated
  • GPT12E Capture
  • UART1 send
  • SSC1 send
  • SSC1 to SSC2
  • CCU6 PWM generation
  • CCU6 sinusoidial PWM
  • CCU6 synch. ADC1
  • BLDC Sensorless FOC
  • LIN Slave
  • LIN Master
  • LIN Synch + Autobaud
  • BLDC Sensorless FOC + LIN Slave
  • BLDC Block Commutation with HALL
  • BLDC Block Commutation with HALL + LIN Slave
  • NVM Data Flash Handling
  • DMA ADC1 Sequence
  • BLDC Block Commutation sensorless
  • BLDC Block Commutation sensorless + LIN Slave
  • Timer3 Mode1B example
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