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ABOV StarterKit-A31G226MLN-A V1.1

A31G226, 0 x 20KB SRAM, 0 x 256KB Internal Code Flash Memory

Mounted Device: A31G226
Compatible Devices:
Debug Interface:


Controls Push-buttons
  • Push-buttons:2 x Tact-buttons : USER and nRESET
Other LED, Other
  • LEDs:6 x 6 LEDs: D101~106
  • Other:0 x 32.768kHz RTC Sub Crystal Oscillator
Core Components A31G226, 3.3 V - 5.0 V Power, 1.8 V - 5.0 V Power
  • On-board Debug Adapter:1 x On-board Type A-Link Debugger
  • Oscillator:8 MHz8MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • Power Supply:3.3 V - 5.0 V USB Powered
  • Power Supply:1.8 V - 5.0 V External Power Supply
  • Device:A31G226
On-Board Memory 20KB SRAM, 256KB Internal Code Flash Memory, 32KB Internal Data Flash Memory
  • RAM:0 x 20KB SRAM
  • Flash:0 x 256KB Internal Code Flash Memory
  • Flash:0 x 32KB Internal Data Flash Memory
Development Tools
  • ADC Buffer Example
  • ADC Burst Mode Example
  • ADC Compare Function
  • ADC Peri-to-Peri DMA Function Example
  • ADC Rx DMA Function Example
  • ADC Tx DMA Function Example
  • ADC Interrupt Mode Example
  • ADC Multiple Mode Example
  • ADC Polling Mode Example
  • ADC Sequence Mode Example
  • CFMC Test Example
  • CFMC Read Protection Example
  • CFMC Memory Swap Example
  • HSE System Clock Change Example
  • HSE PLL System Clock Change Example
  • HSI System Clock Change Example
  • HSI PLL System Clock Change Example
  • LSE System Clock Change Example
  • LSI System Clock Change Example
  • Comparator Edge Polarity Monitoring Example
  • Comparator Interrupt Mode Example
  • Comparator NMI Interrupt Function Example
  • Comparator Polling Mode Example
  • Interrupt Priority Example
  • Systick Interrupt Timer Example
  • CRC Example
  • CRC with DMA Example
  • DAC Buffer Auto Clear Function Example
  • DAC Interrupt Mode Example 1
  • DAC Interrupt Mode Example 2
  • DAC Polling Mode Example
  • DAC Timer Trigger Example
  • DFMC Test Example
  • DFMC Read Protection Example
  • GPIO Input Debounce Example
  • GPIO Input Interrupt Mode Example
  • GPIO Input Polling Mode Example
  • GPIO High Current Output Port Example
  • GPIO Output Mode Example
  • GPIO Strength Function Example
  • I2C Interrupt Mode EEPROM Example
  • I2C Polling Mode EEPROM Example
  • I2C Master Interrupt Mode Example
  • LCD Driver Polling Example
  • Deep-sleep and GPIO wake-up Example
  • Sleep and GPIO wake-up Example
  • SCU Clock Monitoring Example
  • LVD Reset (LVR) Example
  • LVD Interrupt (LVI) Example
  • PLL Clock Timer Example
  • SCU System Clock Setting Example
  • SPI DMA Example
  • SPI EEPROM Example
  • SPI Interrupt Mode Example
  • SPI Strength Function Example
  • SPI SPI_Polling Mode Example
  • SRAM Example
  • StarterKit GPIO Blinky
  • StarterKit Debug framework Example
  • TIMER1n Capture Mode Example
  • TIMER1n Interrupt Mode Example
  • TIMER1n Oneshot Mode Example
  • TIMER1n Polling Mode Example
  • TIMER1n PWM Mode Example
  • TIMER2n Capture Mode Example
  • TIMER2n Capture Mode with WDT Example
  • TIMER2n Interrupt Mode Example
  • TIMER2n Oneshot Mode Example
  • TIMER2n PWM Mode Example
  • TIMER3n ADC Trigger Mode Example
  • TIMER3n Capture Mode Example
  • TIMER3n External Input Signal Example
  • TIMER3n Interrupt Mode Example
  • TIMER3n NMI Function Example
  • TIMER3n Polling Mode Example
  • TIMER3n PWM Mode Example
  • TIMER3n Sync with TIMER1n Example
  • TIMER3n Sync and Clear with TIMER1n Example
  • Temp Sensor Polling Example
  • Temp Sensor Interrupt Example
  • UART Interrupt Mode Example
  • UART Polling Mode Example
  • UART Polling Mode Example
  • USART - UART Interrupt Mode Example
  • USART - UART Interrupt DMA Mode Example
  • USART - UART Polling Mode Example
  • WDT Clock Source Example
  • WDT Deep-sleep and Wakeup Example
  • WDT NMI Example
  • WDT Reset Function Example 1
  • WDT Reset Function Example 2
  • WDT Sleep and Wake-up Example
  • WDT Underflow and Window Match Interrupt Example
  • WDT Underflow Interrupt Example
  • WDT Window Match Interrupt
  • WT Clock Source Example
  • WT Deep-sleep and Wake-up Example
  • WT Interrupt Mode Example
  • WT Polling Mode Example
  • WT Reset Mask Function Example
  • WT Sleep and Wake-up Example
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