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Atmel AT91M42800A

The Atmel AT91M42800A is an ARM7TDMI based High-performance 32-bit RISC Microcontroller with Thumb extensions, Fully Programmable External Bus Interface, up to 64MB Address Space and 8 Chip Selects, 8K Bytes Internal RAM, 54 Programmable I/O Lines, 8-level Priority, Individually Maskable, Vectored Interrupt Controller, 5 External interrupts, including a High-priority Low-latency Interrupt Request, 6-channel 16-bit Timer/Counter, 6 External Clock Inputs, 2 Multi-purpose I/O Pins per Chan., 2 USARTs, 2 Dedicated Peripheral Data Controller Channels per USART, 2 Master/Slave SPI Interfaces, 3 System Timers: Period Interval Timer, 2 Dedicated Peripheral Data Controller Channels per SPI, Real-time Timer, Watchdog Timer, Clock Generator with 32.768kHz Oscillator and PLL, Power Management Controller.

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Development Tools
Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger
Evaluation Boards
JTAG Debuggers
Data Sheets
Datasheet for the Atmel AT91M42800A
2,725,417 bytes
User's Guide for the Atmel AT91M42800A
User's Guide
1,936,060 bytes

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Application Notes
FLASH Utilities
Real-Time OS
Simulated Features

The following on-chip peripherals are simulated by the Keil Software µVision Debugger.

The following on-chip peripherals are not simulated.

  • Serial Peripheral Interface A
  • Serial Peripheral Interface B

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