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This file contains release notes and last minute changes.

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The MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit supports software development and debugging for ARM-based microcontroller devices. A detailed description of MDK-ARM may be found in Complete User's Guide Selection which may be accessed on the µVision Project Workspace — Books page. The Getting Started User's Guide gives you a good starting point, since it introduces you to MDK-ARM and gives guidelines for programming ARM devices.

What's New in MDK-ARM

The following sections list the changes instituted in each release of the Keil ARM toolset.

MDK Version 5 is capable of using MDK Version 4 projects after installation of the Legacy Support. This adds support for ARM7, ARM9, and ARM Cortex-R processor-based devices.

MDK-ARM Version 5.12

Release Date: 24th September, 2014

This MDK version introduces support for ARM Cortex-M7 processor based devices.

Note: The STM32 Device Family Packs Version 1.x.x are incompatible with CMSIS Version 4.2.0 and MDK-Middleware Version 6.1.1. The compatible STM32 Device Family Packs Version 2.x.x will be released shortly. The application note 266 Using Keil MDK v5.11 with STM32 devices describes how to use the older STM32 Device Family Packs.

  • [uVision]
  • [Software Packs included]
    • CMSIS Version 4.2.0: Cortex-M7 related updates to CMSIS-CORE, CMSIS-DSP, CMSIS-PACK and CMSIS-SVD.
    • MDK-Middleware Version 6.1.1: Driver Network/Driver/ETH_KSZ8851SNL.c corrected an invalid power status in function MAC_PowerControl.
  • [ARM Compiler]
    This MDK release contains two ARM Compiler versions that can be selected in the dialog Project - Options for Target - Target (under Code Generation):
    • ARM Compiler 5.05 (build 41) (in directory ..\ARM\ARMCC\) with support for Cortex-M7 and other enhancements (see release notes).
    • ARM Compiler 5.04u2 (build 82) (in directory ..\ARM\ARMCC_504u2\) for safety critical applications in combination with the ARM Compiler Qualification Kit (only available with a license for MDK-Professional).
  • [FlexNet Floating Licenses]
    • Customers using FlexNet floating licenses are required to update their license server software to Version 11.12.1 or higher.
      Using older versions of the FlexNet license server will result in error messages by the ARM Compiler tools.
      FlexNet Licensing error:-96,7. System Error: 11001 "Comm. error"
    • FlexNet Version 11.12.1 License Server tools for Windows are located in the directory ..\Keil\UV4\FlexNet. For other operating systems please contact support.
  • [Target debugging]
    • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 4.91b.
    • Updated: NuLink software to version 6.3.14
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-Link driver for STMicroelectronics devices to version
    • Updated: ULINKPro\ULINK2\CMSIS-DAP driver to support Cortex-M7 based devices.
  • [Supported Operating Systems]

MDK-ARM Version 5.11a

Release Date: 17th June, 2014

This MDK release includes the Software Packs CMSIS Version 4.1 and MDK-Middleware Version 6.0 that are incompatible with the current STM32 Device Family Packs. The application note 266 Using Keil MDK v5.11 with STM32 devices describes the reasons and the resolution.

    This MDK release includes the following fixes over MDK Version 5.11:
    • Updated µVision (V5.11.1.0):
      • gpdsc file reload problem fixed (Infineon DAVE3)
      • Select Software Packs dialog control via keyboard fixed
    • Updated SystemViewer.dll (V2.28.0):
      • Periodic window update for child elements fixed
      • Abort on Display of LPC4300 GPIO registers fixed

MDK-ARM Version 5.11

Release Date: 12th June, 2014

  • This MDK release includes the following Software Packs:
    These Software Packs are compatible with the new DFP Version 2.0.x or higher for Infineon and NXP. All future DFP's will rely on the above Software Packs.

    NOTE: For using middleware with EnergyMicro and ST devices that are based on DFP Version 1.x select CMSIS V3.2.x and MDK-Middleware V5.1.x as described under Select Software Packs.
  • This MDK release contains the following new components:
  • ARM Compiler
    • The absacc.h header file has been removed from the ARMCC/include folder. Use the _attribute_ syntax instead of the macro __at.
  • Target debugging
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-Link driver for STMicroelectronics devices to version to support STM32L0 devices.
    • Updated: NuLink software to version 6.2.11

MDK-ARM Version 5.10

Release Date: 21st February, 2014

  • [µVision]
    • This MDK contains µVision V5.10.0.2.
    • This MDK contains Pack Installer V1.1. It features a new searchable right hand column, listing all supported Boards and Devices. Based on the selection available Software Packs and Examples are listed in the left hand column.
  • [ARM Compiler]
  • [Target Debugging]
    • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 4.80g.
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-Link driver for STMicroelectronics devices to version USB Drivers in ARM\STLink\USBDriver
    • Updated: P&E Micro driver for Freescale Kinetis devices to version

MDK-ARM Version 5.01

Release Date: 17th December, 2013

  • [µVision]
    • This release includes an updated Software Pack schema definition. Software Packs that require this new schema version will not be compatible with older releases of MDK.
    • This MDK V5 release is delivered with µVision V5.1.0.0.

MDK-ARM Version 5.00

Release Date: 7th September, 2013

  • [Software Packs]
    • MDK-ARM V5.0 (MDK V5) introduces Software Packs which make device support and middleware updates independent from the toolchain installation. The MDK V5 installer contains the µVision IDE and Debugger, the ARM Compiler and the new Pack Installer which is used to manage Software Packs. Device support, CMSIS and MDK-Professional Middleware are delivered as Software Packs.
    • Software Packs can contain device database descriptions, CMSIS Core Device and CMSIS SVD files, as well as Flash Programming Algorithms and other Software Components. For more details refer to
  • [Software Installation and Updates]
    • The new Pack Installer is a utility for installing, updating, and removing Software Packs. In addition, it enables the user to copy example projects which are part of a Software Pack to a local folder.
    • A current set of Software Packs can be found on the MDK V5 Software Packs website at
    • The MDK V5 Device List page at shows all microcontrollers that are currently supported by Software Packs.
    • For devices that currently aren't supported by Software Packs, Legacy Support packages are available.
  • [µVision]
    • [Run-Time Environment] The Run-Time Environment (RTE) defines the software components that are used in a project. The new Run-Time Environment Dialog shows all installed Software Components that are available for the selected microcontroller.
    • [User Code Templates] User Code templates contain example code for frequently used functionality in software components that are delivered as a part of Software Packs.
    • [Project Files] µVision 5 introduces new project file extensions *.uvprojx, *.uvoptx, and *.uvguix to indicate projects that use RTE. The option Project - Manage - Use Run-Time Environment enables or disables RTE. When RTE is disabled, µVision 4 compatible project files are created.
    • This MDK V5 release is delivered with µVision V5.0.5.15.
  • [ARM Compiler]
    • This version of MDK-ARM contains ARM Compiler 5.03u2.
    • All compiler related files are located in ..\ARM\ARMCC\ directory.
    • Details can be found in the Compiler specific Release Notes..
  • [CMSIS]
    • This version of MDK V5 ships with the CMSIS 3.20 Software Pack.
    • The CMSIS Pack includes CMSIS-RTOS RTX, a CMSIS-RTOS compatible real-time OS.
    • CMSIS-RTOS RTX replaces MDK V4.x RTX. For project maintenance, MDK V4.x RTX is still available as part of the Legacy Support.
  • [Middleware]
  • [Target debugging]
    • Updated: The CMSIS-DAP driver now supports the Micro Trace Buffer (MTB) of Cortex-M0+ devices.
    • Updated: ULINK2 device firmware to version 2.02. This version removes the Windows warning "This device can perform faster if connected to USB 2.0".
    • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 4.76d.

Release Summary

  1. MDK-ARM – Version 5.00

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