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Source Browser Window

The Source Browser displays program symbols and the place of their occurrence. Browse information can be viewed in Build Mode and Debug Mode.


  • Browse information is based on case-sensitive file names and paths.
  • Enable Options for Target — Output – Browse Information and compile the source code to activate program symbols.
  • Using Arm Compiler 6 in a project, source browse information is created on-the-fly when opening the project. Once finished, updates are by default triggered while the source code is edited. See configuration options in section Source Browser Information (AC6) in Text Completion.

Browser Window Button Go to View — Source Browser Window to open the window.

Source Browser Dialog

Filter options allow you to narrow the browse information.


Browser Window Button Refresh Search for browse information and refresh the information the window.
Browser Window Button Type filter Select the browse information type. You can combine the following symbol types:
  • Function
  • Data
  • Macro
  • Type Definition
  • Parameter
Search   Enter a string to narrow the information. Press enter to execute the search.
Browser Window Button Collapse Contract expanded records in the column File name.
Browser Window Button Expand Expand all records in the column File name.
<All Files>   Narrow the search to the selected file.

The window shows:

Name The symbol name.
Type The symbol type as defined in the code.
File name The file name in which the symbol occurs. Double-click a row to jump to the code.

Icons in the row identify the nature of the symbol:

  • Definition Location of the symbol definition.
  • Definition Reference Locations of the symbol definition and reference(s).
  • Declaration Location(s) of the symbol declaration(s).
  • Declaration Reference Locations of the symbol declaration(s) and reference(s).
  • Reference Location(s) of the symbol reference(s).

Shortcut Keys

Browse information can be accessed directly in the editor through the following shortcut keys. Position the cursor above a symbol and press:

Shortcut Key Description
Shift+Alt+F12 Refresh Source Browser View. Use this to update the window once a recreation of the browse information as started when editing a file.
F12 Goto definition.
Ctrl+F12 Goto declaration.
Ctrl+Num+ Goto next reference or definition.
Ctrl+Num– Goto previous reference or definition.
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Show All References.
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