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Using the Editor

The editor supports features useful when editing and debugging code. For example, code completion, dynamic syntax checking, using proportional or mono-spaced fonts, code navigation, or function finding. The editor margin can contain signs for bookmarks, breakpoints, error indicators, program counter, code execution, or performance indicators. Many features are described in the windows in which they appear. Some general features are listed below.

Context Menu

Open the Context Menu by right-clicking on any space in the Editor window.

Selecting Text

Text can be selected through pressing a combination of keys or using the mouse. Examples:

  • Shift+Right Arrow select the character right to the current cursor position.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow select text between cursor position and the beginning of the next word.
  • Ctrl+A select the entire text.
  • Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom text in or out.
  • Ctrl+E jump to matching brace. Cursor must be set on a brace.
  • Ctrl+Shift+E select text between matching braces.

Selecting text blocks with the mouse

To Select... With the Mouse
Any amount of text Hold down the left mouse button and drag over the text.
A word Double-click the word.
A line Click on the line number in the editor margin.
Multiple lines Hold down the left mouse button on a line number in the editor margin and drag.
The entire text Hold down Ctrl and click on any line number in the editor margin.
A vertical block of text Hold down Alt, hold down the left mouse button, and drag.

Useful Hints


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