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Debug Menu and Commands

Debug Menu Toolbar Shortcut Description
Start/Stop Debug Session Start/Stop Debug Button Ctrl+F5 Starts or stops a debugging session.
Start/Stop Energy Measurement Session Start/Stop Debug Button   Starts or stops an energy measurement only session.
Reset CPU Start/Reset CPU Button   Sets the CPU to RESET state.
Run Run Button F5 Continues executing the program until the next active breakpoint is reached.
Stop Stop Button   Stops the program execution immediately.
Step Single-Step Button F11 Executes a single-step into a function; Executes the current instruction line.
Step Over Step Over Button F10 Executes a single-step over a function.
Step Out Step Out Of Button Ctrl+F11 Finishes executing the current function and stops afterwards.
Run to Cursor Line Run To Cursor Button Ctrl+F10 Executes the program until the current cursor line is reached.
Show Next Statement Show Next Statement Button   Shows the next executable statement/instruction.
Breakpoints   Ctrl+B Opens the dialog Breakpoints.
Insert/Remove Breakpoint Insert/remove Breakpoint Button F9 Toggles the breakpoint on the current line.
Enable/Disable Breakpoint Enable/Disable Breakpoint Button Ctrl+F9 Enables/disables the breakpoint on the current line.
Disable All Breakpoints Disable All Breakpoints Button   Disables all breakpoints in the program.
Kill All Breakpoints in Current Target Kill All Breakpoints Button Ctrl+Shift+F9 Removes all breakpoints in the current target.
Kill All Breakpoints in Active Project Kill All Breakpoints Button   Removes all breakpoints in the active project.
Kill All Breakpoints in Multi-Project Workspace Kill All Breakpoints Button   Removes all breakpoints in all projects of the workspace.
OS Support

Opens a sub-menu with access to the Event Viewer and the RTX Tasks and System information.
Execution Profiling     Opens a sub-menu with configuration options. Display time or call information.
Memory Map     Opens the configuration dialog Memory Map.
Inline Assembly     Opens the inline assembler dialog.
Function Editor (Open Ini File)     Opens an editor window to modify Debug Functions.
Debug Settings     Opens a dialog to set debug and trace events during the debugging session. The screen options depend on the debugging environment.
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