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Code Completion

Code Completion offers editing features including a code completion list and parameter information to write code quickly and reliably. The features help to keep track of symbols, functions, and parameters you are using in the code. Code Completion is available for C/C++ source code.

Code Completion List

The Code Completion List shows program symbols that contain the characters you are typing. Configure the code completion behavior in Edit - Configuration - Text Completion.

The list appears after entering a number of characters (default 3) or after entering:

  • period (.) - for structures or classes. Can open another member list.
  • pointer (->) - for a pointer structure.
  • double-colon (::) - for symbols within a specific scope.
  • Ctrl+SPACE - invoke the Code Completion List manually. When invoked on a blank line or outside a recognizable scope, the list displays symbols belonging to the global namespace.

Insert the highlighted list-item into the code by pressing TAB, SPACE, ENTER, typing a bracket, or any character above. Other fill-up characters are: ! \ " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , / : ; < = > ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ ' { | } ~.

Code Completion List

Icons on the left side of the member list identify:

  • Simple icon - simple variables or arrays.
  • Simple icon - functions or methods.
  • Simple icon - (no sign) - any other type not covered above, including pointers.

Parameter Information

Parameter information show function names, the amount of parameters, and the parameter type. A bold parameter indicates the current parameter.

Parameter Information

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