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Text Completion

Show Code Completion List for

Struct / Class Members
Show the member list after typing a trigger character.
Function Parameters
Show parameters and parameter types. Type a bracket to complete the highlighted function name and view parameter details. Type a comma (,) to switch to the next parameter.
Symbols after [x] Characters
Automatically view the matching symbol list after typing [x] characters. Default is 3 characters.
ENTER/TAB as fill-up character
If enabled, then only ENTER and TAB are working as fill-up characters and paste the highlighted item into the code. If disabled (default), then you can use other fill-up characters to select the highlighted item from the displayed list. In this case, fill-up characters are: ENTER, TAB, SPACE, ! \ " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ; ? @ [ \ \ ] ^ ' { | } ~.

Refer to Code Completion for details.

Dynamic Syntax Checking

Enable validation of syntax error and warnings in the editor. Refer to Dynamic Syntax Checking for details.

Text Templates

Define text templates for writing code.

Text File Types
Drop-Down with predefined file types for which you can define templates. Each file type has another set of templates.
List of template names. Use the controls on the top right corner of the field to add or delete a template. Click on a template name to view the text.
View or change the text of a template in here.
The pipe character ('|') specifies the location on which the cursor is positioned when inserting the template into the code. In case the text block should contain a pipe character, enter two pipe ('||') characters.
The backslash ('\') starts a control character. In case the text block should contain a backslash, enter two backslash ('\\') characters.

Templates can be used from the window Templates when writing code.

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