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Shortcut Keys

Select a Command

Lists predefined menu commands for which developers can define shortcut keys. The list itself cannot be altered. Select an entry to change the shortcut key.


Describes the menu command.

Assigned Shortcuts

Displays the key sequence associated with the command.
Create Shortcut
Creates a new shortcut. A warning is raised, if the entered key sequence has been assigned to another command already.
Remove Shortcut
Removes the shortcut key assigned to the command.
Reset All Shortcuts
Populates all commands with the default shortcut key.

Predefined Shortcuts

Command Shortcut key
Breakpoints: Ctrl+B
Enable/Disable Breakpoint: Ctrl+F9
Insert/Remove Breakpoint: F9
Kill All Breakpoints in Current Target: Ctrl+Shift+F9
Run: F5
Run to Cursor Line: Ctrl+F10
Start/Stop Debug Session: Ctrl+F5
Step: F11
Step Out: Ctrl+F11
Step Over: F10
Cut Current Line: Ctrl+L
Do To Declaration of current Word: Ctrl+F12
Do To Definition of current Word: F12
Go To Line: Ctrl+G
Go To Matching Brace: Ctrl+E
Go To Next Reference of current Word: Ctrl+Num+
Go To Previous Reference of current Word: Ctrl+Num-
Go to next output item: F4
Go to previous output item: Shift+F4
Make Lowercase: Ctrl+U
Make Uppercase: Ctrl+Shift+U
Refresh Source Browser View: Alt+Shift+F12
Select Text between Matching Braces: Ctrl+Shift+E
Show All References of current Word: Ctrl+Shift+F12
Toggle text Editor/Configuration Wizard: Shift+F8
Clear All Bookmarks: Ctrl+Shift+F2
Copy: Ctrl+C
Cut: Ctrl+X
Find: Ctrl+F
Find in Files: Ctrl+Shift+F
Find next occurrence of current find text: F3
Find next occurrence of current selected text: Ctrl+F3
Find previous occurrence of current find text: Shift+F3
Find previous occurrence of current selected text: Ctrl+Shift+F3
Go to Next Bookmark: F2
Go to Previous Bookmark: Shift+F2
Incremental Find: Ctrl+I
Insert/Remove Bookmark: Ctrl+F2
Navigate Backwards: Ctrl-
Navigate Forwards: Ctrl+Shift-
Paste: Ctrl+V
Redo: Ctrl+Y
Replace: Ctrl+H
Select All: Ctrl+A
Undo: Ctrl+Z
New: Ctrl+N
Next Pane: F6
Previous Pane: Shift+F6
Open: Ctrl+O
Print: Ctrl+P
Save: Ctrl+S
Download: F8
Build Target: F7
Options: Alt+F7
Translate: Ctrl+F7
Trace Records: Ctrl+T


Download and print the cheat sheet that lists all default keyboard shortcuts.

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