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Output (GNU ARM)

Select Folder for Objects...
Sets the folder for storing the the object files.
Name of Executable
Specifies the name of the generated executable. This executable is loaded into the debugger and downloaded to hardware by default.


  • The name should not end with a special character!
Create Executable
Instructs µVision to generate an executable application program, which gets the name specified in Name of Executable.
Debug Information
Generates debug information for testing the application. Enable the option to access function names, variables names, or the source code within the µVision Debugger. Disable the option to create a release version.
Create HEX File
Creates an Intel HEX file. HEX files are used to download the software into an PROM programmer or other utilities. The hex file is generated when building or rebuilding the application.
Big Endian
Generates code for big endian CPU configuration.
Create Batch File
Generates a batch file (*.BAT) with commands that reproduce the "Rebuild" process. "Rebuild" the target to create the file. The "Build" process does not alter nor creates the file. However, with this flag set, the "Build" process compiles and links all files, just like a "Rebuild". The batch file name is inherited from the current target name. The file is saved in the root directory of the project. Use the batch file to "Rebuild" the project without using the µVision IDE.
Create Library
Instructs µVision to generate a library file with the name specified in Name of Executable. Libraries can be used as part of other projects.
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