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Lists all tracepoints and their properties. The command format is:

Syntax Description
TL Lists all tracepoints.

The format of the displayed tracepoints is:

TP <number>: (<tracepoint type> <access type>
              <(adjusted) start address> [<(original) start address>]
              len=<(adjusted) range length> [<(original) range length>],
              val=<comparison value>)
              <state (enabled/disabled)>


TP number The number of the tracepoint in the list. The number is updated after each command that adds or removes a tracepoint. Use the number to kill, enable, or disable a tracepoint.
tracepoint type Identifies the command that defined the tracepoint.
access type Shows whether the tracepoint is a read (RD), write (WR), readwrite (RW), or code-access (E) tracepoint.
(adjusted) start address Is the start address on which the tracepoint is triggered. The start address might get modified internally for alignment purposes. The word adjusted is not displayed.
[(original) start address] Shows the start address that has been entered. Is an optional value, and is displayed in case the address had to be adjusted. The word original is not displayed.
len=(adjusted) range length
      [(original) range length]
Is the length of the memory range in which the tracepoint is triggered. In case of an internal adjustment, both values, the adjusted and the original length, are shown. The original range length is optional, and displayed in case the range had to be adjusted. The words adjusted and original are not displayed.
val=comparison value Is the value for which the tracepoint is triggered.
'Expression' Displays the expression with which the tracepoint was defined. The expression is displayed between quotes. This expression is used to restore the tracepoint for the next debugging session. Changes to the memory layout after a rebuild are taken into account.
state Shows whether the tracepoint is enabled or disabled.



TP 0: (TR  WR 0xE0000070 len=0x4, val=-) 'ITM->PORT[28]', disabled
TP 1: (TR  E  0x1C0000D8 len=0x1, val=-) '0x1C0000D8', disabled
TP 2: (TS  WR 0x10000030 len=0x4, val=0x100000C4) 'pFArray == 0x100000c4', enabled
TP 3: (TAP WR 0x1000002C len=0x2, val=-) 'AD_dbg', enabled
TP 4: (TAP RW 0x10000028 len=0x4, val=-) '_readwriteacc_(SECOND_ARRAY_SIZE)', enabled
TP 5: (TDP RD 0x10000024 len=0x4, val=-) '_readacc_(FIRST_ARRAY_SIZE)', disabled
TP 6: (TH  WR 0x1000002E len=0x2, val=-) '\\Blinky\Blinky.c\AD_last', disabled
TP 7: (TAP WR 0x100000C0 [0x100000C4] len=0x40 [0x20], val=-) '\\Blinky\Blinky.c\SecondArray', enabled
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