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The ITMLOG command redirects ITM channel output of a Cortex-M processor-based device to a log file. Multiple ITM channels can be tracked at the same time. Each channel can have its own log file. ITM log files get closed automatically upon termination of the debugging session.

Syntax Description
ITMLOG channelNo > path\fname Creates the log file fname. Output of the ITM channel number channelNo are written to this file.
ITMLOG channelNo >> path\fname Opens an existing log file fname for appending output. The file gets created if it does not exist.
ITMLOG Displays the status of the log files.
ITMLOG channelNo OFF Closes the log file that belongs to ITM channel channelNo.
>ITMLOG 1 >C:\TMP\itm1.log              /* Create a new log file for ITM channel 1       */
>ITMLOG 14 >C:\TMP\itm14.log            /* Create a new log file for ITM channel 14      */

>ITMLOG 14                              /* Query log file for ITM channel 14             */
 ITM-14:log file: C:\TMP\itm14.log

>ITMLOG                                 /* Show currently active ITM log files           */
 ITM-01: log file: C:\TMP\itm1.log
 ITM-14: log file: C:\TMP\itm14.log

>ITMLOG 1 OFF                           /* Close itm1.log file                           */
>ITMLOG 14 OFF                          /* Close itm14.log file                          */


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