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The DIR command displays a list of symbols.

Syntax Description
DIR Displays symbol names for the current module (the program counter ($) indicates the address space of the current module).
DIR \module Displays the symbols that are part of module.
DIR \module LINE
DIR \module\func LINE
Displays line number information about the current or specified module. Line number information is bound to module level and is not reduced to function level.
DIR \module\func Displays the symbols of function func contained in module.
DIR BFUNC Displays the names of all predefined functions. These functions are always available and cannot be deleted or redefined.
DIR DEFSYM Displays the symbols created with the DEFINE command.
DIR FUNC Displays the names of all µVision functions. This includes: predefined functions, user-defined functions, and signal functions.
DIR LINE Displays line number information for the current module.
DIR MODULE Displays the module names in the target program. These objects have the attribute PUBLIC in assembly language. Non-static C variables are also included in this group.
DIR PUBLIC Displays the names of all global symbols.
DIR SIGNAL Displays the names of all user-defined signal functions.
DIR UFUNC Displays the names of all user functions.
DIR VTREG Displays the names of all CPU pin registers that are supported by the CPU.

Examples The snippets are excerpts from the project example IOTKit_CM33_S_NS. dir public

  0x10000000   __Vectors . . . uint
  0x1000022C   __Vectors_End . . . uint
  0x1000022C   __main . . . function
  0x10000234   __scatterload . . . function
  0x10000234   __scatterload_rt2 . . . function
  0xE000E30C   NVIC_IABR3 . . . ulong
  0xE000E310   NVIC_IABR4 . . . ulong
  0xE000E314   NVIC_IABR5 . . . ulong
  0xE000E318   NVIC_IABR6 . . . ulong
  0xE000E31C   NVIC_IABR7 . . . ulong
  0xE000E380   NVIC_ITNS0 . . . ulong

dir vtreg

       STCLK:  ulong, value = 0x00000000
    CORE_CLK:  ulong, value = 0x017D7840

dir func

predefined:      void _readacc_ (ulong nAdr)
predefined:      void _writeacc_ (ulong nAdr)
predefined:      void _readwriteacc_ (ulong nAdr)
predefined:       int execf (char *format, ...)
      user:      void OnResetExec ()
      user:      void MTB_Setup ()
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