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Packs Dialog

The Packs dialog lists software packs for the selected device or board that are available online and the local PC.

Pack Tab

Pack column
Lists software packs with versions, including the release date (when provided). A software pack can have a subgroup Previous containing older versions of this pack as listed in the latest PDSC file. Expand the subgroup to install older versions.

The group ERRORS identifies problems in PDSC files.
The group Device Specific shows software packs specific to the selected device or board.
The group Generic shows common software packs that are not restricted to a specific device.

The menu item Packs - Check for Updates retrieves a list of the latest software packs from the pack server.
The menu item File - Refresh reloads the locally stored information in the window.

Narrow the list by applying a filter in the field Search. Refer to Regular Search Expressions for a list of operators.

Action column
Lists actions that can be executed for a software pack. Use the buttons to:
Install Download the software pack from the Internet and install it locally.
Update repository
Update the software pack. A newer version is available on the Internet or the PC. Projects that use software components from this package get updated.
Unpack Install the software pack. The package has been downloaded already, but is not installed yet.
Remove Remove the installed software pack. The pack itself remains in the folder ..\ARM\Pack\.Download and can be reinstalled if required. The pack's software components used in projects are being flagged as missing. Refer to Components in Project.
Up to date
Up to date with missing required packs
Repository is up to date
The installed package is up to date. If the icon shows a small warning box, you need to install additional packs that are required for proper operation. Refer to the Resolve button.
Resolve Install required software pack automatically to resolve dependency issues.
Offline This software pack does not contain a valid URL.
Offline This software pack is not stored in the pack root folder, but is used from a local repository. Refer to Using Local Folders for more information.
Deprecated This software pack has been deprecated. The tooltip of a deprecated package can display the date of deprecation and a potential replacement package.
Delete Delete a software pack that could not be read due to errors in the PDSC file. Hover the mouse over the button to view details. The button can remove files or entire folders. You may have to check for updates to reload software packs.
Delete All Delete all software packs marked with the Delete button. Hover the mouse over the button to view details. The button can remove files or entire folders.
Brief explanation and purpose of the software pack. If the description contains a link, the pack is available on a public repository. Refer to Using Local Folders for more information.

Mouse Features in Packs Dialog

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the Action field to get brief information about the pack version.
  • The context menu resembles the Action button. Other options that are not shown as a button are listed in the table below.
    Context Menu Item Description
    Expand All Expand all versions of this software pack.
    Collapse All Collapse all versions of this software pack.
    Delete Pack Deletes the software pack from the download area of the installation. Projects using software components from this software pack throw a warning upon opening the project next time.
    Remove + Delete Pack Removes the software pack from the pack root folder and deletes it from .\Download. Software components that are used explicitly in projects get flagged as not installed. Refer to Components in Project.
    Schema Check Allows you to verify whether the corresponding PDSC file is compliant to the PACK.XSD schema.
    Cancel Actions Cancels all pending actions. The amount of pending actions is displayed in the Status Bar (bottom of the window).
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