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Customize or Add Devices

Developers can customize or add devices to the Device Database at any time. Though µVision contains many pre-configured standard products, adaptations are needed if the device is not listed.
This dialog lists devices defined in the legacy device database (white chip icons) as well as devices from Device Family Packs (DFP) (green chip icons). It is possible to view the details of all devices, but it is only possible to copy, enter or modify devices in the legacy device database.

  1. Open the dialog with the menu File - Device Database.
  2. Select a microcontroller from the legacy device database (white chip icon) which is similar to the device needed in the application on the left hand side of the dialog with a single-click. All the device details are then copied to all other fields of the dialog.
  3. Adapt the name of the chip vendor.
  4. Select the appropriate microcontroller family.
  5. Enter the part number for the device.
  6. Modify the description to match the device characteristics.
  7. Add or modify the toolchain configuration parameters in the lower part of the dialog.
    Refer to C. Device Database Parameters for more information.
  8. Single-click into the field Data base. This enables the button Add.
  9. Click Add to create a new entry in the Device Database.

Removing a Device

Remove an entry from the Device Database with the dialog File - Device Database.

  1. Find and click the device in the field Data base.
  2. Click Remove, or press the key Delete.
    No warning is issued when deleting an entry. The device is deleted immediately.

Absent Devices

In case a device is missing from the database, you can:

  • Select and use a generic device until the required device is added to µVision. You can switch to a new device at any time during the project life cycle.
  • For MDK Version 5, the device list is created from the information in the Device Family Packs (DFP). If a device is missing, either download a DFP from or create a CMSIS Pack with device support as explained in a corresponding CMSIS Pack Tutorial.

Generic devices are lacking device-specific characteristics, however they provide general settings for creating the application:

  1. Open the dialog Project - Options for Target - Device.
  2. Scroll to the section ARM or Generic and select the device.
  3. Specify the chip characteristics in the dialog Project - Options for Target — Target.

Depending on your toolchain, the following generic devices are accessible:

  • ARM cores - support for ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M, and Cortex-R microcontrollers.
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