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Build the Project

To build your project:

Build Target ButtonClick the Build button to translate all source files and link the application.

The Build Output window displays errors, warnings, and build messages from:

  • the configured compiler toolchain.
  • µVision.
  • external tools.

Double-click a message to open the corresponding source file:

Build Output

After you have built the project, you can:

  • View the Build Log file, which provides information about the build process and used Software Components.
  • Modify toolchain options in the dialog Project — Options for Target.
  • Modify the source code. The Build button translates modified or new source files and generates the executable file. The Rebuild command translates all source files regardless of modifications.
    µVision maintains a file dependency list and knows all include files used within a source file. Tool options are also saved in the file dependency list. Thus, µVision builds files only when needed.
  • Test applications with the µVision Debugger. Two debugging modes exist: The Simulator allows verifying the application on your PC without connecting any hardware. The Target Debugger allows testing the application on an evaluation board or a hardware platform.
  • Program your application into Flash ROM. µVision integrates command-line driven Flash utilities or can use a ULINK USB-JTAG family Adapter for Flash programming. You might have to create a HEX file to use Flash programming utilities.


  • Toolchains pre-configure the most common device settings, including default paths. The following error message might occur because of a wrong default path:
    error:    #5: cannot open source file No such file or directory
    If this message refers to a header file, startup file, or system file, then reselect your device in Project — Options for Target — Device.
  • The assembler directive INFO has a parameter severity. This parameter is not supported in µVision. As a consequence, INFO messages are always displayed in the Output window.
  • An example to change the error message language to Japanese is described in Show Japanese Messages.
  • Duplicate file names in a project will cause indexing of the output files. The MAP file shows the relation between the source and output files:
    C:\Test\Test\Test\test.c 0x00000000 Number 0 test_1.o ABSOLUTE
    C:\Test\Test\test.c      0x00000000 Number 0 test_2.o ABSOLUTE
    C:\Test\test.c           0x00000000 Number 0 test.o   ABSOLUTE
    Right-click your project's target to open the MAP file: Open MAP file
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