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Pack Options

Pack options are available for devices that have been delivered with a CMSIS Pack debug description. Software Pack vendors can define debug descriptions for development tools to connect the debugger to a device for debugging, tracing, or flash programming. Default values defined in the debug description are applied to the options in Debug Driver, Trace Configuration, and Flash Download. Options in the screens mentioned above can be changed manually.

To configure ULINK2 for using the debug description:

  1. Target Options Open the dialog Options for Target ... — Debug.
  2. Enable Use and select ULINK2/ME Cortex Debugger.

    Target Options

  3. Click Settings to open the Target Driver Setup dialog. Next click on Pack (only for some devices).

    Target Driver Setup - Trace

    Pack Displays the Software Pack that contains the debug description.
    Enable Enable the debug description.
    Log Sequence Enable logging of the Debug Access Sequence execution. The next box shows the base name for the generated files. The '*'-wildcard at the end is replaced by a four digit decimal index when generating the files. Each file has a size limit of 100 MByte. New indexes are started if the device changes, if the build target changes, or if a new project is loaded. Otherwise, logs are appended to the currently opened file.
    Configuration Path to the Debug Configuration (dbgconf) file. The project folder is the root folder. This file is an optional part of the debug description and might not exist.
    Edit Open the debug configuration file to modify device specific debug settings for this target.

Configuring debug settings

The dbgconf file usually contains Configuration Wizard annotations that make it easy to change the debug configuration:

Target Driver Setup - Trace


While configuring debug settings is optional in most cases, it is essential for complex devices with Arm Cortex-M23 or M33 cores that require correct setup before Flash downloading. Consult the device user manual for more information.

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