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Theory of Operation

Using the monitor requires proper setup and configuration of two distinct applications: the MON166 Target Monitor program and the µVision IDE and Debugger.

  • MON166 is a program that resides on your target system. It may be programmed into EPROM, ROM, EEPROM, FLASH, non-volatile memory, or RAM. It communicates with the µVision Debugger and allows you to download programs (to RAM), set breakpoints, watch memory areas and program objects, and so on.

    When programmed into ROM, MON166 starts running when you reset your target system. When using your MCU in bootstrap mode, MON166 downloads when you start the µVision Debugger.
  • The µVision Debugger begins a debugging session with the monitor by establishing serial communication with the MON166 program running on the target system. The target program being debugged in µVision is transmitted to MON166 and is written into RAM (by MON166). Once the target program has been downloaded, you may proceed to step through it, set breakpoints, and so on.

    All operations performed in the µVision Debugger are communicated to MON166 using a proprietary serial protocol. MON166 serial commands are NOT ASCII text-based and cannot be easily viewed or created with a terminal program — the µVision Debugger and MON166 driver are required.

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