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Setting Target Options

Options for Target ButtonUse the Options for Target toolbar button to display the Target dialog, and configure the Monitor-51 interface using the following steps:

  1. Enter the memory ROM area and RAM area for your target system.

    When you are using Monitor-51, the complete target application need to be stored in RAM space. Therefore you need to split the available RAM space on the MCBx51 into a ROM section for MCBx51 program code and a RAM section for data.

    Options for Target, Code SettingsIn Off-chip Code memory EPROM, enter the starting address of 0x0000 in Start and the size of 0x8000 in Size.

    Options for Target, XData SettingsIn Off-chip Xdata memory RAM, enter the starting address of 0x8000 in Start and the size of 0x5FFF in Size.

  2. In the Options for Target — Debug dialog:

    Options for Target, Debug SettingsClick the Use: radio button to select emulator mode, then select the Keil Monitor-51 Driver from the drop-down list.

    Options for Target, Debug startup Options Enable Load Application at Startup and Run to main() to automatically load and start your application when you start the debugger.

    Options for Target, Settings ButtonClick on the Settings button to open the Target Setup dialog.

  3. On the Target Setup dialog, select the COM Port you intend to use. When using the MCBx51 INT RS232 port (on-chip UART), the baudrate depends on the XTAL CPU clock. Set the Baudrate to 19200 for the 12MHz XTAL, and 38400 for the 24MHz XTAL.

    Target Setup Dialog

  4. Connect the serial cable between the COM port on your PC, and the INT DB9 connector on the MCBx51 board, then power up the MCBx51 board.
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