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To use the MCBTMPM360 Board download the Lite Edition of the Keil Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK-ARM). The MDK-ARM Lite Edition includes:

  • Powerful and easy-to-use µVision IDE that includes editor, project management, and make capability.
  • µVision Debugger with complete CPU, peripheral simulation, and driver for the Keil ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter.
  • ARM Compilation Tools that include ANSI C/C++ Compiler and related utilities.
  • RTX RTOS Kernel for building real-time applications with the ARM Compiler.
  • Extensive tutorials and documentation.

The restrictions for the MDK-ARM Lite Edition are:

  • Programs that generate more than 32 Kbytes of code and data will not compile, assemble, or link.
  • The debugger supports programs that are 32 Kbytes or smaller.
  • The compiler does not generate a disassembly listing of the machine code generated. The -S, --asm, and --interleave compiler command-line options are disabled.
  • The base address for code/constants is restricted to 0xXX000000, 0xXX800000, or 0x00080000 whereby XX stands for 00, 01, ..., FF. This allows memory start address like 0x00000000, 0x12800000 and so on.
  • The vector table, reset handler, and library initialization code are linked at the base address. The remaining user code and constants are offset from the base address by 0x4000 (16 KBytes). Programs generated with the Lite Edition of the tools may not be programmed into single-chip devices with less than 16 KBytes of on-chip ROM/Flash.
  • It is not possible to generate position independent code or data.
  • The compiler does not generate a listing file.
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