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Example Programs

The Keil MDK-ARM Development Tools download includes several example programs that are configured for the Keil MCBSTR9 Board.

Each example program is stored in a separate folder in \KEIL\ARM\BOARDS\KEIL\MCBSTR9\ along with project files that help you quickly build the project and run the program.

The following example programs are installed automatically:

    This example implements an interrupt driven timer and A/D conversion. It displays a text message on the LCD display and shows the A/D result as a bar graph. The 8 LEDs blinking speed depends on the A/D value that is read from the potentiometer.
  • EasyWEB
    This project is a tiny web server that shows the values of two analog inputs (AD0 and AD1) on a web page. This project allows access from the internet to open the board page, accept instructions and run a small application, as blinking the LEDs or displaying a short message on the LCD.
    A simple RTX Kernel based example which simulates the step-motor driver. Four LEDs blink, simulating the activation of the four output driver stages: Phase A, Phase B, Phase C, Phase D.

More example projects and programs are available at:

These projects and programs let you start programming other features of the STR91x device, such as Interrupt-driven SIO, PWM and more.

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