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External Memory

The MCBSTM32E board contains external RAM and external serial (SPI) Flash memory components.

The ISSI 61LV51216 provides 1 Mbyte of high-speed, static RAM at location IC4. The STM32F103ZE accesses this RAM via Bank 1 (0x60000000 to 0x6FFFFFFF) of the Flexible Static Memory controller (FSMC). Within Bank 1, the 4 chip select signals NE1 through NE4 are assigned to the following fixed memory addresses:

  • NE1 from 0x60000000 to 0x63FFFFFF
  • NE2 from 0x64000000 to 0x67FFFFFF
  • NE3 from 0x68000000 to 0x6BFFFFFF (external RAM)
  • NE4 from 0x6C000000 to 0x6FFFFFFF (LCD controller)

The STMicroelectronics M25P64-VMF6P Flash memory with SPI bus interface provides 8 Mbytes of serial Flash external storage at location IC9.

MCBSTM32E Board External Memory

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