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Downloading to Flash

Download using the Keil ULINK JTAG-Adapter. The steps to setup ULINK for Programming Flash within µVision IDE are:

  1. Connect the ULINK to the JTAG connector of the MCBSTM32 Board. Note that the red cable marks pin 1 of the JTAG-connector.

    MCBSTM32E connected to ULINK2


    • The JTAG interface could be disabled by random CPU instructions or by the power-down mode of the device. If this occurs, enable the on-chip boot loader, so the STM32F10x device can execute a valid program.
      For more information refer to the web-based Keil Support Knowledgebase, for example to the article ULINK: RECOVER STR71X WHEN JTAG DISABLE.
  2. Power up the MCBSTM32E Board.
  3. Configure Flash Programming in the Project — Options for Target — Utilities dialog.

    Use Target Driver Option Set the Use Target Driver for Flash Programming option, then select the ULINK Cortex-M3 Debugger as the Flash programming tool.

    Update Target Option Check the Update Target before Debugging option to ensure that the Flash ROM gets programmed whenever the debugger starts.

    Settings Button Click the Settings button to open the Flash Download Setup dialog for the next step.

  4. Configure the Flash Download Setup dialog as follows:

    Flash Download FunctionSet the Download Function options by first selecting Erase Sectors used by the application, then check Program and Verify to verify the Flash contains the downloaded application.

    RAM for Algorithm SettingSet the Start location for for the flash programming algorithm to 0x2000000 in RAM and set the Size to 0x0800.

    Programming AlgorithmClick the Add button and find the STM32F10x 512kB Flash programming algorithm in the list of available algorithms. Select it, then click the Add button to add it to your target.

    Finally, click the OK button to save the Flash Download settings.

  5. Download to Flash

    Download To Flash ButtonClick the Download to Flash toolbar button. This executes the Flash download program (Target Driver or External) selected in Project — Options for Target — Utilities and downloads the application program into the STM32F103ZE device.


    Use the µVision command Flash — Download to download the application program into the STM32F103ZE device.

ULINK can be also used for application code debugging in Flash ROM or RAM of the STM32F103ZE microcontroller.

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