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Debugging with ULINK

Follow these steps to program debugging using the µVision Debugger and the ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter. Detailed information can be found in the µVision User's Guide in the Creating Applications chapter.

  1. Connect the ULINK to the JTAG connector of the MCBSTM32E Board. Note that the red cable marks pin 1 of the JTAG-connector.

    MCBSTM32E Board with ULINK2

  2. Power up the MCBSTM32E Board.
  3. Configure the Debugger in the Project — Options for Target — Debug dialog.

    Options for Target Button Use the Options for Target toolbar button and click the Debug tab to display the Debug dialog.

    Use: ULINK ARM DebuggerSelect Use: and ULINK ARM Debugger in the drop-down to choose the ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter as the debugging tool.

    Debug Load & Run OptionsCheck the Load Application at Startup and the Run to main() options to load your application and execute code up to the beginning of your main() function when the debugger starts.

    STM32DBG Initialization FileIn the Initialization File text box, click the browse button and select the STM32DBG.INI initialization file which sets up the STM32 MCU Control Register for debug and trace mode when you start the debugger.

  4. Click the Settings button to open the ARM Target Driver Setup dialog.

    This dialog displays the IDCODE of the ARM device on the MCBSTM32E Board.

    JTAG Interface OptionsCheck the SWJ checkbox and select the SW option under Port to use the Single Wire mode interface. Max Clock should be set to 5MHz.

    Download OptionsSelect the Verify Code Download option under Download Options to compare the loaded application program with the Flash ROM content. You may disable this option to speed up the debugger start.

  5. Start the Debugger.

    Start/Stop Debug Button Use the Start/Stop Debug Session toolbar button to start debugging the program.


    Use the µVision command, Debug — Start/Stop Debug Session, to start debugging the program.

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