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Example Programs

The MCB900 Evaluation Board CD-ROM includes several example programs that are configured for the Keil MCB900 Board.

The following example programs are installed automatically:

    This project prints Hello World to the serial port and blinks the LEDs on the MCB900 board with the Philips P89LPC935. Begin with this program when you start using the LPC900 Development Tools. This example project helps you to confirm the development tools are working correctly.
    This project flashes the LEDs connected to Port 2 of the MCB900 or EPM900.
    This project is a data acquisition system that collects digital signals. It is discussed in detail in the Getting Started User's Guide (..\KEIL\C51\HLP\GSA.CHM).

The Hello and Blinky example programs are stored in the \KEIL\C51\EXAMPLES\NXP LPC9xx\ folder along with project files to help you quickly build the project and run the program.

The Measure example program is stored in the \KEIL\C51\EXAMPLES\ folder.

More example projects and programs are available at:

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