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Example Programs

The Keil MDK-ARM Development Tools download includes several example programs that are configured for the Keil MCB2400 Board.

Each example program is stored in a separate folder in \KEIL\ARM\BOARDS\KEIL\MCB2400\ along with project files that help you quickly build the project and run the program.

The following example programs are installed automatically:

    This project sequentially toggles the LEDs and outputs the current value of the A/D converter on the serial port. The on-board potentiometer varies the A/D converter input which controls the how fast the LEDs flash.
    This project uses the RTX kernel to simulate the activation of the four output stages of a step motor driver.
    This project configures the MCB2400 Evaluation Board as a USB Human Interface Device attached to your PC. A simple Windows program controls the MCB2400 LEDs and detects pressing of the Push Buttons 1..4.
    This project configures the MCB2400 Evaluation Board as a USB Mass Storage Device accessible from the PC. You may use this example program to store and retrieve files on the MCB2400.
  • emWin
    emWin from Segger Microcontroller is a LCD controller-independent graphical user interface (GUI). It is shipped as "C" source code, together with many example applications.

The following examples are included with and require the RL-ARM product in addition to MDK-ARM product:

  • SD_File
    This project is an example of implementing the Flash File System on an SD/MMC card allowing you to create, copy, read and delete files on the card.
  • HTTP_Demo
    This project is an example of implementing an HTTP web server that uses the Web Server CGI interface on the MCB2400 board. This project allows access from the internet to open the board page, accept instructions and run a small application, that blinks the LEDs or displays a short message on the LCD.
  • DNS_Demo
    This project shows you how to resolve an IP address of a Host from the Host name, by sending a DNS request to a remote DNS server.
  • LEDClient
    This project sends commands to a LEDSwitch Server connected on the same LAN. The commands control LEDs on remote Server, showing how they may be switched on or off.
  • LEDSwitch
    This project shows you how to control embedded devices from C++ application using TCP/IP connection. It opens a UDP and TCP port for listening, and then waits for commands coming from PC Client or other client application.
  • SMTP_Demo
    This project is an SMTP Client example. It shows you how to send a dynamic email to an email address.
  • Telnet_Demo
    This project is a Telnet Server example. It shows how to build a simple IP-based command line interface.
  • TFTP_Demo
    This project is a TFTP Server example. It shows how to use a Trivial File Transfer Protocol to send files to and receive files from the MCB2400 evaluation board.

More example projects and programs are available at:

These projects and programs let you start programming other features of the LPC24xx device, such as Interrupt-driven SIO, PWM, and more.

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