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Running USBMEM

After downloading the USBMEM program to the MCB2140 Board, follow these steps to run the program.

Installing the USBMEM Device

  1. Disconnect the USB power cable from the MCB2140 board.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Re-connect the USB power cable to the MCB2140 board.

    The Windows operating system displays a "Found New Hardware" message, but you don't have to load any special drivers. Because support is built into Windows 2000 and Windows XP, a Mass Storage Device does not require a special USB driver.

  4. Review the status of the USB Controllers using the Device Manager.
    • Right click on My Computer to open the System Properties - Hardware dialog.
    • Then click on Device Manager.
    • Device Manager Dialog

  5. Right-click on the USB Mass Storage Device to open the Properties dialog which contains the description and status of the HID device.
  6. HID Properties Dialog

Running the USBMEM Device

After verifying the installation of the Mass Storage Device, open Windows File Explorer and move files to and from the Mass Storage Device.

Explorer Dialog


  • Because the Mass Storage Device only has 16KB of RAM in the LPC2148 device, the storage capacity of this USB "drive" is limited.

The LEDs

The LEDs on the MCB2140 board let you see the Mass Storage Device activities. The LEDs are as follows:

  • P1.16: LED_RD is on when USB Device is performing Read access
  • P1.17: LED_WR is on when USB Device is performing Write access
  • P1.22: LED_CFG is on when USB Device is configured
  • P1.23: LED_SUSP is on when USB Device is suspended
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