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Running USBHID

After downloading the USBHID program to the MCB2140 Board, follow these steps to run the program.

Installing the HID Device

  1. Disconnect the USB power cable from the MCB2140 board.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Re-connect the USB power cable to the MCB2140 board.

    The Windows operating system displays "Found New Hardware" and automatically installs the Human Interface Device (HID) driver. HIDs do not require a custom USB driver. Support for HIDs is built into Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  4. Review the status of the HID using the Device Manager.
    • Right click on My Computer to open the System Properties - Hardware dialog.
    • Then click on Device Manager.
    • Device Manager Dialog

  5. Right click on the USB Human Interface Device to open the Properties dialog which contains the description and status of the HID device.

    HID Properties Dialog

Installing the Application

After installing the HID device, install the USB Client application.

  1. Open the folder root\ARM\UTILITIES\HID_CLIENT1\RELEASE.
  2. Double click on HIDClient.EXE.
  3. Select the Device: NXP LPC2148 HID from the drop-down list.

    HID Client Dialog

Running the HID Device

The Inputs (Buttons) and Output (LEDs) groups represent the data input from the MCB2140 Board. Use these groups to demonstrate receiving key input from the board.

  • Checking the box in the Inputs (Buttons) group acts as pressing the INT1 button, and unchecking the box releases the button (clears the 0 bit).
  • Checking or unchecking the boxes in the Output (LEDs) group turns the MCB2140 Board's LEDs on and off, respectively.
  • HID Client Dialog

Note to Windows 2000 Users

  • The HIDClient.EXE may not run on some Windows 2000 systems. Those users may test the I/O capability using the HID_CLIENT2.EXE program which is available for download. Contact Keil Technical Support for more information on how to download this example.
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