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Creating an MDK V5 Project

To create a project in MDK V5, you must install the Device Family pack for the MCB1700. Once you have done this, you may create a new project.

Installing the MCB1700 Device Family Pack

If you have not already done so, install the LPC1700 Device Family Pack (DFP) using the Pack Installer. To do this:

  1. In uVision V5, click the Pack Installer icon.
  2. Under the Packs tab, make sure the Keil:LPC1700_DFP pack is installed and Up to Date.
  3. Pack Installer: Select DFP

    If not, click the Install button to the right of the Keil:LPC1700_DFP to install it.

Creating a New Project

Follow the steps below to create a new MDK project using the Keil Run-Time Environment (RTE) and to specify and organize your source (and debug) files that are a part of this project.

  1. Create a New Project File with the µVision menu command Project — New — µVision Project.
    Select a microcontroller from the Device Database®. The MCB1700 Board comes with the NXP LPC1768, however, you may also use it to develop code for other LPC17xx device variants, since the LPC1768 represents a superset of several other LPC17xx devices.
  2. When you select the LPC1768 device for the MCB1700 board from the Device Database, because that device is supported by a Software Pack (as indicated by the colored icon) , the Manage Run-Time Environment dialog displays for the device you selected.
  3. Expand the Board Support folder and select the MCB1700 board you will be using. Then:
    1. Expand the MCB1700 folder to display and select the components on the board you will be using in your application.
    2. Expand and select any File System, Graphics, Network or USB components you will be using in your application.
    3. Click the Resolve button to let uVision resolve as many required components based on your choices.
    4. In Validation Output, double-click any missing components to display them, then select them for your application, until all missing components have been resolved.
  4. Add your own Source Code to the project using the µVision editor (or any editor of your choice) by using one of the many ways to Add Source Files to Your Project.
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