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Prototyping Area

The prototyping area provides blocks for adding components and connecting the address, data, and I/O ports.

MCB1700 Board Prototyping Area

The following tables show the pinout of the port header.

P0.0 P0.1 P0.2 P0.3
P0.4 P0.5 P0.6 P0.7
P0.8 P0.9 P0.10 P0.11
P0.15 P0.16 P0.17 P0.18
P0.19 P0.20 P0.21 P0.22
P0.23 P0.24 P0.25 P0.26
P0.27 P0.28 P0.29 P0.30
P1.0 P1.1 P1.4 P1.8
P1.9 P1.10 P1.14 P1.15
P1.16 P1.17 P1.18 P1.19
P1.20 P1.21 P1.22 P1.23
P1.24 P1.25 P1.26 P1.27
P1.28 P1.29 P1.30 P1.31
P2.0 P2.1
P2.2 P2.3
P2.4 P2.5
P2.6 P2.7
P2.8 P2.9
P2.10 P2.11
P2.12 P2.13
P3 P4
P3.25 P3.26 P4.28 P4.29


  • Sometimes the pin numbers of one port are not contiguous!
  • Port-pins with bold labels (for example P0.0) specify pins which are available on MCB1700 boards populated with a LPC1758 or LPC1768.
  • Port-pins with italic labels (for example P0.4) specify pins which are only available on MCB1700 boards populated with a LPC1768 (not with a LPC1758).
  • All microcontroller signals are brought out to pins and are driven directly by the microcontroller. Exercise caution to avoid overloading these signal lines.
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