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Jumper Descriptions

The jumpers used to configure the MCB1200 board are:

  • J1 - GND: This header provides access to ground reference. These may be used in conjunction with J2 for external power measurement and profiling devices.
  • J2 - VDD: Powers the VDD1 and VDD2 pins with +3.3 VDC. You may remove this jumper to monitor current draw using a power measurement device.
  • J3 - VREF_CMP: Supplies +3.3 VDC to the input pin VREF_CMP. This provides an external reference voltage for the on-chip analog comparators.
  • J5 - ISP: Lets the RTS line of the COM port generate a signal on PIO0.1 (ISP). When RTS is active PIO0.1 is driven low. This is used to enter In-System Programming (ISP) mode.
  • J6 - RST: When RST is set, you may generate a RESET signal PIO0.0 using the DTR signal of the COM port. An active DTR signal generates a CPU RESET.


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