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Debugging BLINKY

After the application has been built and downloaded to Flash, the developer can debug BLINKY on target hardware using ULINK2.


  • This program outputs serial data through the COM connector on the board. If you are downloading and debugging via the Cortex Debug connector (e.g. ULINK2 or ULINK-ME), be sure to remove jumpers J5 and J6 to prevent the PC from interfering with MCU operation.
  • ITM and DWT trace debugging are not available with this device because the NXP LPC1227/301 device does not provide the Serial Wire Output(SWO) signal needed for these options. As a result, the Logic Analyzer and OS Event Viewer features of the debugger are also not available because they require the SWO signal.
  • The NXP LPC1227/301 device does not support a JTAG interface.

Start/Stop Debug ButtonClick the toolbar button Start/Stop Debug Session or use the menu Debug — Start/Stop Debug Session to start a debugging session.

Start/Stop Debug ButtonWhen executing the program, the 8 LEDs will flash sequentially indicating that the program is running normally.

For debugging programs, µVision offers a Debug Menu with commands to manage breakpoints or single-step through the code, and Debug Windows and Dialogs to view the program output.

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