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LX51 Linker directives are entered on the command line after the output file. Multiple directives must be separated by at least one empty space. Each directive may be entered only once on the command line. If a directive is entered twice, the linker generates an error.

The following table describes all LX51 Linker directives.

Directive Description
ASSIGN Defines a public symbol and its value.
BANKAREA Specifies the address range where code banks are located.
CLASSES Specifies an address range or order for all sections in a class.
CODE Enables generation of a program-wide source/assembly code listing file.
DISABLEWARNING Disables generation of specified warning numbers.
IBANKING Uses the on-chip code banking hardware of the Mentor M8051EW core, the Infineon SDA30C16x/26x, and the Micronas SDA555x.
IXREF Enables cross reference details in the listing file.
MERGEPUBLICS Ignore public symbols from PUBLICSONLY object files.
NAME Specifies the module name of the output file.
NOAJMP Avoids AJMP instructions in bank switch code.
NOAMAKE Excludes AMAKE information from the object file.
NOCOMMENTS Excludes translator comments from the listing file and object file.
NODEFAULTLIBRARY Disables automatic inclusion of C166 run-time library routines.
NOINDIRECTCALL Disables bank switching code for indirectly called functions.
NOJMPTAB Disables generation of the code banking jump table.
NOLINES Excludes line number information from the listing file and object file.
NOMAP Excludes the memory map from the listing file.
NOOVERLAY Disables data segment overlaying.
NOPRINT Disables generation of the listing (MAP) file.
NOPUBLICS Excludes public symbols from the listing file and object file.
NOSORTSIZE Disables sorting sections by size prior to locating.
NOSYMBOLS Excludes local symbols from the listing file and object file.
NOTYPE Excludes symbolic type information from the object file.
OBJECTCONTROLS Excludes specified content from the object file.
OVERLAY Modifies the call tree for overlaying of local bit and data segments.
PAGELENGTH Specifies the number of lines on a page in the listing file.
PAGEWIDTH Specifies the number of characters on a line in the listing file.
PRINT Specifies the name of the listing file.
PRINTCONTROLS Excludes specified content from the listing file.
PUBLICSONLY Includes only public symbol information from the specified input file.
PURGE Excludes debug information from the listing file and object file.
RECURSIONS Specifies the maximum number of recursive calls detected before link failure.
REGFILE Specifies the name of the register definition file for global register coloring.
REMOVEUNUSED Remove unused program and data segments for the executable program.
RESERVE Reserves memory areas and prevents the linker from using them.
RTX51 Specifies that the RTX51 Real-Time Kernel is used.
RTX51TINY Specifies that the RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Kernel is used.
SEGMENTS Specifies the memory address and order of segments.
SEGSIZE Specifies the memory space for a segment.
SPLIT_XDATAGROUP Create two separate segments that collect the overlayable xdata segments.
WARNINGLEVEL Selects the level of warning detection.
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