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Generating a Listing File

The linker generates a listing file that provides information about each step in the link and locate process. This file contains information about the symbols and segments involved as well as:

  • Filenames and other parameters specified on the command line.
  • Filenames and module names of all processed modules.
  • A memory allocation table which contains the location of the segments, the segment type, the location method, and the segment name. This table may be suppressed by specifying the NOMAP directive.
  • The overlay map which shows the structure of the finished program and lists address information for the local data and bit segments of a function. The overlay map also lists all code segments for which overlayable segments exist. You may suppress the overlay map by specifying the NOMAP directive.
  • A list of all PUBLIC symbols within a program.
  • A list of all errors in segments and symbols. The error causes are listed at the end of the listing file.
  • A list of all unresolved external symbols. An external symbol is unresolved if no corresponding public symbol exists in another input file. Each reference to an unresolved external symbol is listed in an error message at the end of the listing file.
  • A symbol table which contains the symbol information from the input files. This information consists of the names of the MODULES, SYMBOLS, PUBLICS, and LINES. You may selectively suppress the symbolic information with linker controls.
  • An alphabetically sorted cross reference report of all PUBLIC and EXTERN symbols in which the memory type and the module names that contain a reference to that symbol are displayed.
  • Errors detected during the execution of the linker/locator are displayed on the screen as well as at the end of the listing file. Refer to Error Messages for a summary of the linker/locator errors and causes.

The following table describes all LX51 Linker directives that affect the listing file.

Directive Description
DISABLEWARNING Disables generation of specified warning numbers.
IXREF Enables cross reference details in the listing file.
NOCOMMENTS Excludes translator comments from the listing file and object file.
NOLINES Excludes line number information from the listing file and object file.
NOMAP Excludes the memory map from the listing file.
NOPRINT Disables generation of the listing (MAP) file.
NOPUBLICS Excludes public symbols from the listing file and object file.
NOSYMBOLS Excludes local symbols from the listing file and object file.
PAGELENGTH Specifies the number of lines on a page in the listing file.
PAGEWIDTH Specifies the number of characters on a line in the listing file.
PRINT Specifies the name of the listing file.
PRINTCONTROLS Excludes specified content from the listing file.
PURGE Excludes debug information from the listing file and object file.
WARNINGLEVEL Selects the level of warning detection.
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