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Generating an Object File

The LX51 Linker generates an executable target program in Keil OMFx51 Object Module Format. The OMFx51 format supports up to 16 MBytes of CODE and XDATA and is required for extended 8051 devices like the NXP 51MX and Dallas 390/5240. It is supported by most emulator vendors.

The linker generates an absolute object file for normal (non-banked) or code-banked applications. In either case, the object file is absolute and contains no relocatable information or external references. It may be loaded into debugging tools (like the µVision Debugger or an emulator) or may be converted into an Intel HEX file by the OHX51 Object-Hex Converter and used to program PROMs or download into Flash memory.

The generated object module may contain debugging information which facilitates symbolic, source-level debugging and testing. You may use the linker directives to exclude debugging information from the object file. The following table provides an overview of the directives that control information in the output file.

The following table describes all LX51 Linker/Locator directives that affect the object file.

Directive Description
ASSIGN Defines a public symbol and its value.
NAME Specifies the module name of the output file.
NOAJMP Avoids AJMP instructions in bank switch code.
NOAMAKE Excludes AMAKE information from the object file.
NOINDIRECTCALL Disables bank switching code for indirectly called functions.
NOJMPTAB Disables generation of the code banking jump table.
NOTYPE Excludes symbolic type information from the object file.
OBJECTCONTROLS Excludes specified content from the object file.
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