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You will encounter the following terms as you install and license Keil products:

For Keil Licenses

  • CID (Computer ID)
    A 10-character alphanumeric (XXXXX-XXXXX) ID that uniquely identifies a computer, and is automatically generated daily. Find the CID in the µVision IDE under File — License Management... dialog.
    Generating a LIC (for product activation) requires a valid PSN and CID.
  • PSN (Product Serial Number)
    A 15-character alphanumeric value (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) that contains the product information and support expiration date. A PSN is delivered at the time of purchase of a Keil product.
    Generating a LIC (for product activation) requires a valid PSN and CID.
  • LIC (License ID Code)
    A 30-character alphanumeric value used to activate a Keil product for one particular computer. Register online using a CID and valid PSN to obtain a LIC.

For Keil Floating Licenses

  • FLI (Floating License ID)
    Contains the product information embedded in the FLF. Submit the FLI to the licensing website to receive a LIC.
  • FLF (Floating License File)
    A user-generated file on a network server that contains the product information and maintains license usage. This file cannot be moved or recreated.
  • UNC (Universal Naming Convention)
    UNC is a machine-independent file naming convention. For example, the UNC path for a floating-license file named keilfloat.FLF on a shared folder named flic on a computer named serv1 is: \\serv1\flic\keilfloat.FLF.

For Flexara Flexnet Licenses

  • FlexNet
    Software licensing utilities provided by Arm are programs that allow you to install and manage Arm licenses.
  • license.dat
    The FlexNet License file. Generated from the Arm licensing website that contains the product information and HostID of the server.
  • FlexNet Publisher
    The tools to set up a licensing server.
  • lmtools.exe
    The graphical user interface for FlexNet licensing utilities (only available on Windows).
  • lmgrd.exe
    The FlexNet server daemon running on the license server.
  • armlmd.exe
    The Arm-specific vendor daemon on the license server
  • lmutil
    The FlexNet licensing utilities; used for troubleshooting and checking the status of the license server.
  • URL; Flex-URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
    The URL to the server that hosts the Flex License. This URL is required when using a Flexera Software licensing solution. The URL should have the form portNumber@serverName.

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