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Adapt the FlexNet License File

Before you can use your license file, you must modify it as follows:

  1. Move the license file to a known location on the C: drive of your server. A suitable place for the license file is the same directory as your floating license server software.
    The license file must be installed on the C: drive.

  2. The suggested file name is license.dat, and this name is used throughout this document to refer to the license file.

  3. Open a text editor to modify your license.dat file.


    • Do NOT use Windows Notepad to modify this file because it will remove all carriage return characters (0x0D) from the file and make it unusable to the FlexNet tools. Use Windows Word or Wordpad or any other text editor instead.
  4. Replace this_host in line that starts with SERVER with the corresponding server name.
    If the host ID in the license file is incorrect or if the server host ID has changed, you must contact to ARM for a new license file. See Rehost a FlexNet License.

  5. Add the IP port number which should be used to communicate with clients after the host ID. We recommend to use the port number 8224.

    For example, if the web-generated license file contained the following line:
    SERVER this_host 001002A34BC5
    and you wanted to use port number 8224 on your floating license server called synchrotron, you must change the line to:
    SERVER synchrotron 001002A34BC5 8224

  6. The FlexNet license server consists of two services, the main service lmgrd.exe and the vendor daemon armlmd.exe. If your server runs a network firewall and you want to open dedicated IP ports for every service, you can define a fixed communication port between lmgrd.exe and armlmd.exe. You can specify this port in the VENDOR line.

    For example, if the web-generated license file contained the following line:
    VENDOR armlmd
    and you want lmgrd.exe and armlmd.exe to communicate over the fixed IP port number 8225, you must change the line to:
    VENDOR armlmd port=8225

  7. Save your edited license file as a plain text file. You can download the original license file from the ARM web licensing portal at any time.

  8. Continue with Start a License Server.

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