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Code (COD) File

The linker CODE file contains a complete program source/assembly listing. This listing is useful for debugging or for documenting the code generated for an entire application. The CODE file is necessary since some higher optimization levels cause code to be generated or altered by the linker. As such, the listing file from the compiler is not accurate. Refer to the CODE linker directive for information on how to generate this file.

L251 LINKER/LOCATER V3.64                                  12/02/2004  15:24:02  PAGE 1


00000B 0217FD            LJMP    017FDH
----- FUNCTION save_current_measurements (BEGIN) -----
 FILE: 'Measure.c'
   69: static void save_current_measurements (void) {
   70:   save_record[sindex++] = current;             /* copy current measurements   */
   71:   if (sindex == SCNT) sindex = 0;              /* check bounds of sindex      */
0015F5 055A              INC     sindex+01H
0015F7 E55A              MOV     A,sindex+01H
0015F9 AE59              MOV     R6,sindex
0015FB 7002              JNZ     ?C0064?MEASURE
0015FD 0559              INC     sindex
0015FF         ?C0064?MEASURE:
0015FF 14                DEC     A
001600 FF                MOV     R7,A
001601 F1B1              ACALL   ?L?COM0004
001603 A809              MOV     R0,AR1
001605 FC                MOV     R4,A
001606 7D01              MOV     R5,#01H
001608 D13A              ACALL   ?L?COM0001
   72:   if (sindex == savefirst)  {                  /* check circular buffer limits*/
00160A E55A              MOV     A,sindex+01H
00160C B4E80A            CJNE    A,#0E8H,?C0001?MEASURE
00160F E559              MOV     A,sindex
001611 B40205            CJNE    A,#02H,?C0001?MEASURE
001614 E4                CLR     A
001615 F559              MOV     sindex,A
001617 F55A              MOV     sindex+01H,A
001619         ?C0001?MEASURE:
   73:     if (++savefirst == SCNT)  savefirst = 0;   /* check bounds of savefirst   */
001619 E55A              MOV     A,sindex+01H
00161B B5601B            CJNE    A,savefirst+01H,?C0004?MEASURE
00161E E559              MOV     A,sindex
001620 B55F16            CJNE    A,savefirst,?C0004?MEASURE
   74:   }
001623 0560              INC     savefirst+01H
001625 E560              MOV     A,savefirst+01H
001627 7002              JNZ     ?C0067?MEASURE
001629 055F              INC     savefirst
00162B         ?C0067?MEASURE:
00162B FF                MOV     R7,A
00162C AE5F              MOV     R6,savefirst
00162E BE0208            CJNE    R6,#02H,?C0004?MEASURE
001631 BFE805            CJNE    R7,#0E8H,?C0004?MEASURE
001634 E4                CLR     A
001635 F55F              MOV     savefirst,A
001637 F560              MOV     savefirst+01H,A
   75: }
001639         ?C0004?MEASURE:
001639 22                RET
----- FUNCTION save_current_measurements (END) -------


  • The CODE file does not include disassembly of library routines.

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