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INTNO Linker Directive




INTNO (interruptname (NONE|FILL|trapnumber) <[>, ...<]>)




Options — L166 Misc — Misc Controls.


The INTNO directive specifies a linker operation for the specified interruptname. There are three possible arguments for each interrupt specified with this directive:

  • The NONE argument causes the linker to suppress generation of the interrupt vector for the specified interruptname. This may be useful if you provide the vector in an assembly file.
  • The FILL argument causes the linker to direct unused interrupts to the specified interruptname.
  • The trapnumber argument defines the trap number to use for the specified interruptname.
L166 myfile.obj INTNO (TIMER0(20h))

This example defines trap number 20h for the interrupt service routine using interrupt name TIMER0. This interrupt is defined in C as follows:

void timer0_isr (void) interrupt TIMER0 { ...

L166 myfile.obj INTNO(DEFAULT_ISR(FILL))

This example specifies that DEFAULT_ISR should be used as the interrupt code all unused traps.

L166 myfile.obj INTNO(SERIAL_ISR(NONE))

This example specifies that no interrupt vector should be generated for SERIAL_ISR.

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