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µVision provides several ways to debug an application. For example, developers can:

  • Select commands from the Debug Menu or the Debug Toolbar.
  • Use the command Run to Cursor line from the Context Menu of the window Disassembly Window.
  • Enter debugger commands in the Command Window.
  • Execute Debug Functions from an initialization file.
  • Use most editor features. For example, correct program errors or use the Edit - Find command.

Start the Debugger

  • Load Application at Startup and Run to main() determine the debugger behaviour at startup. The options are configured in the dialog Options for Target — Debug.
  • µVision saves and restores the screen layout of the last debugging session.
  • The button Start/Stop Debug Session starts or closes a debugging session.
  • The yellow arrow marks the next instruction or high-level statement ready to be executed.

Execute Commands

  • Reset the CPU with the button Reset, the menu Debug – Reset CPU, or with the command RESET typed into the Command Window.
  • Halt program execution with the button Stop, the menu Debug - Stop, or press Esc while in the Command Window. When program execution is stopped, µVision opens the Editor window displaying the source code.
  • Continue program execution with the button Run, the menu Debug - Run, or type GO into the Command Line.

Single-Stepping Commands

  • To execute one instruction use the button Step, the menu Debug - Step, or type TSTEP into the Command Window.
  • To step over the program and over function calls use the button Step Over, the menu Debug - Step Over, or enter PSTEP in the Command Window.
  • To step out of the current function use the button Step Out, the menu Debug - Step Out, or enter OSTEP in the Command Window.
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