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Configuring the µVision Flash Utility

Configure the µVision interface to the target hardware for debugging and Flash ROM programming in the Project — Options for Target — Utilities.

  1. Select the EPM900 LPC Emulator/Programmer as the Target Driver for Flash Programming.

    Debug Tab

  2. Click on the Settings button to open the Configure EPM900 Flash Programmer dialog.

    Configure Dialog

Configure the EPM Flash Programmer dialog as follows:

Download Function

The Download Function options to configure the µVision menu function Flash — Download are:

Erase: Enable the Flash Erase function. You may specify individual sectors in the Flash Erase section.

Program: Enables Flash Programming of the application code.

Verify: Enables the verify function that compares the CRC of the downloaded application code.

Write Configuration: Enable this option to download the configuration bytes to the LPC device.

Protect ISP Code: Protects the ISP code against reprogramming. The ISP code is stored in the LPC device in the Flash address range C:0x1E00 - C:0x1FFF.

Device Options

The Device Options group selects the LPC9xx device, programming mode and adapter.

Device: Selects the target LPC9xx device to be programmed from a drop-down list.

Programming Mode: Selects whether Parallel or In-Circuit Programming (ICP) hardware interface is used for programming.

Disable ID Byte Check: Prevents the programmer from reading the target device ID and comparing it to the selected device.

Adapter: Selects either a Pin-to-Pin or PAB9xx adapter type.

Device Configuration and Security

The Device Configuration and Security options specify the configuration bytes that are programmed to the LPC device.

Use Configuration from START900.A51: EPM900 uses the configuration bytes that are specified in the START900.A51 file.

UCFG1 - UCFG2: Shows the HEX value of the UCFG1 and UCFG2 configuration bytes.

BOOTVEC, BOOTSTAT, SEC0 - SEC7: lets you specify HEX values for the LPC configuration bytes.

Click here to link to the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC User's Manuals.

Flash Erase

Specifies the sectors to be erased prior to the download process.
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