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Configuring the Project

Follow these steps to program debugging using the µVision debugger. Detailed information can be found in the µVision User's Guide Debugging topic and in the Getting Started User's Guide (..\Keil\C51\HLP\GSA.CHM) in the chapter Testing Programs.

Configure the µVision interface to the target hardware for debugging and Flash ROM programming in the Project — Options for Target — Debug.

  1. Select the EPM900 LPC Emulator/Programmer as shown below.

    Selecting Emulator Settings

  2. Click on the Settings button to open the Configure EPM900 Emulator dialog.

    Configuring EPM900 Emulator Settings Dialog

Configure the EPM900 Flash Programmer dialog as follows:


Cache Code, Data, Xdata: To speed up the screen update, the Monitor driver implements several data caches. To get the maximum performance you should enable all caches.

Enable P2 LED driver: Allows you to enable the P2.0 - P2.7 LEDs that are buffer driven and show Port 2 status information. The LED driver is disabled by default to avoid oscillation on open device inputs. You should disable this option when you are using the P2 pins as input without proper pull-up resistors.


Shows the EPM900 serial number and the EPM900 software version.

Device Configuration

Disable: Disables the download of the UCFG1 and UCFG2 device configuration bytes.

Use UCFG from START900.A51: Uses the UCFG1 and UCFG2 values specified in the START900.A51 file.

Configuration Byte Values — UCFG1 and UCFG2: Shows the hex value of user configuration bytes UCFG1 and UCFG2. Depending on the device, the UCFG bytes can control the Watchdog Timer, Brownout Detection, Reset Pin Enable, etc. Refer to the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC User's Manual for detailed information about configuring your device.

Click here to link to the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC User's Manuals and here for LPC Tools

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