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Cx51 Introduction Compiling Programs Language Extensions Preprocessor Advanced Programming 8051 Derivatives Error Messages Fatal Errors Actions Messages Errors and Warnings Reference Error C100 Error C101 Error C102 Error C103 Error C125 Error C126 Error C127 Error C129 Error C130 Error C131 Error C132 Error C134 Error C135 Error C136 Error C138 Error C140 Error C141 Error C142 Error C143 Error C144 Error C145 Error C146 Error C147 Error C149 Error C150 Error C151 Error C152 Error C153 Error C154 Error C155 Error C156 Error C157 Error C158 Error C159 Error C160 Error C161 Error C162 Error C163 Error C164 Error C165 Error C166 Error C167 Error C168 Error C169 Error C170 Error C171 Error C172 Warning C173 Error C174 Error C175 Error C176 Error C177 Error C178 Error C179 Error C180 Error C181 Warning C182 Error C183 Error C184 Error/Warning C185 Error C186 Error C187 Error C188 Error C189 Error C190 Error C193 Error C194 Error C195 Error C196 Error/Warning C198 Error C199 Error C200 Error C201 Error C202 Error C203 Error C204 Error C205 Warning C206 Error C207 Error C208 Error/Warning C209 Error C210 Error C211 Error C212 Error C213 Error/Warning C214 Error C215 Error C216 Error C217 Error C218 Error/Warning C219 Error C220 Error C221 Error C222 Error C223 Error C225 Error C226 Error C227 Error C228 Error C229 Error C230 Error C231 Error C232 Error C233 Error C234 Error C235 Error C236 Error C237 Error C238 Error C239 Error C240 Error C241 Error C242 Error C243 Error C244 Error/Warning C245 Error C246 Error C247 Error C248 Error C249 Error C250 Error C251 Error C252 Error C253 Error C255 Error C256 Error C257 Error/Warning C258 Error/Warning C259 Error/Warning C260 Error/Warning C261 Error C262 Error C263 Error C264 Error/Warning C265 Error C267 Error C268 Error/Warning C271 Error C272 Error C273 Error C274 Warning C275 Warning C276 Warning C277 Error C278 Error C279 Error/Warning C280 Error C281 Error C282 Error C283 Error C284 Warning C285 Warning C286 Warning C287 Warning C289 Warning C290 Warning C291 Warning C292 Error C293 Warning C294 Error C300 Error C301 Error C302 Error C303 Error C304 Error C305 Error C306 Error/Warning C307 Error C308 Error C309 Error C310 Error C311 Error C312 Error C313 Error C314 Error C315 Warning C316 Warning C317 Error C318 Error C319 Error/Warning C320 Error C321 Warning C322 Warning C323 Warning C324 Error C325 Error C326 Error C327 Warning C500 Library Reference Appendix


The following pages describe the errors and warnings generated by the Cx51 Compiler. Messages are listed in numerical order and each is divided into several sections:

Summary Briefly describes the error or warning.
Description Provides a detailed description of the problem encountered.
Cause Describes typical causes of the problem.
Resolution Describes ways you can solve the problem.
Example Gives a function or program fragment that causes the error or warning.
See Also Provides related information.

The table lists the documented errors and warnings for the Cx51 C Compiler.

Error Number Error Type Description
C100 Error Unprintable Character 0xnn Skipped
C101 Error Unclosed String
C102 Error String Too Long
C103 Error Invalid Character Constant
C125 Error Declarator Too Complex (20)
C126 Error Type-Stack Underflow
C127 Error Invalid Storage Class
C129 Error Missing ';' Before token
C130 Error Value Out of Range
C131 Error Duplicate Function-Parameter
C132 Error Not in Formal Parameter List
C134 Error xdata/idata/pdata/data on Function Not Permitted
C135 Error Bad Storage Class for bit
C136 Error void on Variable
C138 Error Interrupt Can't Receive or Return Values
C140 Error bit in Illegal Memory Space
C141 Error Syntax Error Near token: Expected token
C142 Error Invalid Base Address
C143 Error Invalid Absolute bit Address
C144 Error base^pos: Invalid Bit Position
C145 Error Undeclared SFR
C146 Error Invalid SFR
C147 Error Object Too Large
C149 Error Function Member in struct/union
C150 Error Bit Member in struct/union
C151 Error Self-Relative struct/union
C152 Error Bit Field Type Too Small for Number of Bits
C153 Error Named Bit Field Cannot Have Zero Width
C154 Error Ptr to field
C155 Error char/int Required for Fields
C156 Error Alien Permitted on Functions Only
C157 Error Var_parms on Alien Function
C158 Error Function Contains Unnamed Parameter
C159 Error Type Follows void
C160 Error void Invalid
C161 Error Formal Parameter Ignored
C162 Error Duplicate Function-Parameter
C163 Error Unknown Array Size
C164 Error Ptr to nul
C165 Error Ptr to bit
C166 Error Array of Functions
C167 Error Array of Fields
C168 Error Array of bit
C169 Error Function Returns Function
C170 Error Function Returns Array
C171 Error Missing Enclosing Loop
C172 Error Missing Enclosing switch
C173 Warning Missing return Expression
C174 Error Return Value on void Function
C175 Error Duplicate case Value
C176 Error More Than One default
C177 Error Different struct/union
C178 Error struct/union Comparison Illegal
C179 Error Illegal Type Conversation From/To void
C180 Error Can't Cast to 'function'
C181 Error Incompatible Operand
C182 Warning Pointer to Different Objects
C183 Error Unmodifiable L-Value
C184 Error sizeof Illegal Operand Taken
C185 Error/Warning Different Memory Space
C186 Error Invalid Dereference
C187 Error Not an L-Value
C188 Error Unknown Object Size
C189 Error '&' on bit/sfr Illegal
C190 Error '&': Not an L-Value
C193 Error Illegal Operand Type(s) Illegal add/sub on Pointer Illegal Operation on bit(s) Bad Operand Type
C194 Error '*' Indirection to Object of Unknown Size
C195 Error '*' Illegal Indirection
C196 Error memory-space Probably Invalid
C198 Error/Warning sizeof Returns Zero
C199 Error Left Side of -> Requires struct/union Pointer
C200 Error Left Side of . Requires struct/union
C201 Error Undefined struct/union Tag
C202 Error Undefined Identifier
C203 Error Bad Storage Class (nameref)
C204 Error Undefined Member
C205 Error Can't Call an Interrupt Function
C206 Warning Missing Function Prototype
C207 Error Declared with void Parameter List
C208 Error Too Many Actual Parameters
C209 Error/Warning Too Few Actual Parameters
C210 Error Too Many Nested Calls
C211 Error Call Not to a Function
C212 Error Indirect Call: Parameters Do Not Fit Within Registers
C213 Error Left Side of Assignment Operator not an L-Value
C214 Error/Warning 'Argument' Conversion: Non-Pointer to Pointer Illegal Pointer Conversion
C215 Error Illegal Type Conversion
C216 Error Subscript on Non-Array or Too Many Dimensions
C217 Error Non-Integral Index
C218 Error Void Type in Controlling Expression
C219 Error/Warning Long Constant Truncated to int
C220 Error Illegal Constant Expression
C221 Error Non-Constant Array Dimension or case Expression
C222 Error Division by Zero
C223 Error Modulo by Zero
C225 Error Expression Too Complex, Simplify
C226 Error Duplicate struct/union/enum Tag
C227 Error Not a union Tag
C228 Error Not a struct Tag
C229 Error Not an enum Tag
C230 Error Unknown struct/union/enum Tag
C231 Error Redefinition
C232 Error Duplicate Label
C233 Error Undefined Label
C234 Error '{', Scope Stack Overflow (31)
C235 Error Parameter number: Different Types
C236 Error Different Length of Parameter Lists
C237 Error Function Already has a Body
C238 Error Duplicate Member
C239 Error Duplicate Parameter
C240 Error More Than 128 Local Bit's
C241 Error Auto Segment Too Large
C242 Error Too Many Initializers
C243 Error String Out of Bounds
C244 Error Can't Initialize, Bad Type or Class
C245 Error/Warning Unknown Pragma, Line Ignored
C246 Error Floating-Point Error
C247 Error Non-Address/Constant Initializer
C248 Error Aggregate Initialization Requires Curly Braces
C249 Error Segment <name>: Segment too large
C250 Error '\esc': Value Exceeds 255
C251 Error 'c': Illegal Octal Digit
C252 Error Misplaced Primary Directive, Line Ignored
C253 Error Internal error (ASMGEN\CLASS)
C255 Error Switch Expression has Illegal Type
C256 Error Conflicting Memory Model
C257 Error Alien Function Cannot be Reentrant
C258 Error/Warning memory-space Illegal on Struct/Union Member memory-space on Parameter Ignored
C259 Error/Warning Pointer: Different Memory Space
C260 Error/Warning Pointer Truncation
C261 Error/Warning Bit in Reentrant Function
C262 Error using/disable: Can't Return bit Value
C263 Error SAVE/RESTORE: Save-Stack Overflow/Underflow
C264 Error Intrinsic function-name: Declaration or Activation Error
C265 Error/Warning function-name: Recursive Call to Non-Reentrant Function
C267 Error Funcdef Requires ANSI-Style Prototype
C268 Error Bad Task Definition (taskid/priority/using)
C271 Error/Warning Misplaced ASM/ENDASM
C272 Error ASM Requires SRC Directive
C273 Error ASM/ENDASM Not Allowed in Include File
C274 Error Absolute Specifier Illegal
C275 Warning Expression With Possibly No Effect
C276 Warning Constant in Condition Expression
C277 Warning Different memory-space to Pointer
C278 Error Constant Too Big
C279 Error Multiple Initialization
C280 Error/Warning Unreferenced symbol/label/parameter
C281 Error Non-Pointer Type Converted to Pointer
C282 Error Not a SFR Reference
C283 Error asmparms: Parameters Do Not Fit Within Registers
C284 Error identifier: in Overlayable Space, Function no Longer Reentrant
C285 Warning user warning text
C286 Warning user message text
C287 Warning address calculation uses 16-bit offset
C289 Warning op: converting non-pointer to pointer
C290 Warning missing return value
C291 Warning not every exit path returns a value
C292 Warning op: meaningless use of an expression.
C293 Error External '_at_'-specifier ignored.
C294 Warning Unreachable code.
C300 Error Unterminated Comment
C301 Error identifier Expected
C302 Error Misused # Operator
C303 Error Formal Argument Expected
C304 Error Bad Macro Parameter List
C305 Error Unterminated String/char Constant
C306 Error Unterminated Macro Call
C307 Error/Warning Macro macro-name: Parameter Count Mismatch
C308 Error Invalid Integer Constant Expression
C309 Error Bad or Missing File Name
C310 Error Conditionals Too Nested (20)
C311 Error Misplaced elif/else Control
C312 Error Misplaced endif Control
C313 Error Can't Remove Predefined Macro macro-name
C314 Error Bad # Directive Syntax
C315 Error Unknown # Directive identifier
C316 Warning Unterminated Conditionals
C317 Warning macro-name: Invalid Redefinition
C318 Error Can't Open File file-name
C319 Error file-name: Not a Disk File
C320 Error/Warning User error Text User warning Text User message Text
C321 Error Missing character
C322 Warning Unknown identifier
C323 Warning New-line Expected, Extra Character Found
C324 Warning Preprocessor Token Expected
C325 Error Duplicate Formal Parameter identifier
C326 Error Macro Body Cannot Start or End With ##
C327 Error Macro macro-name: More Than 50 Parameters
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