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aligned(n) is a variable and function attribute that specifies a minimum alignment for a variable, structure field, or function. n specifies the alignment in bytes.

  • The aligned attribute has precedence over the directive ORDER.
  • The keyword _at_ overrules the alignment.


** Aligns on 16-byte boundary
int x __attribute__((aligned (16)));

** Aligns on 8-byte boundary
struct S { short f[3]; } __attribute__ ((aligned (8)));

** Declares a type which aligns variables on 4-byte boundaries
typedef int more_aligned_int __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
more_aligned_int int_aligned;

** Declares a struct where a field is aligned
** Element y will begin on a 4 byte boundary creating a gap between x and y
struct Al {
  char  x;
  char  y __attribute__((aligned(4)));
Struct Al value;                       /* value will be aligned on a 4 byte boundary */

** Defines a function which begins on a 32 byte boundary
int function(int a, int b) __attribute__((aligned(32)))
  return a*b;

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