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C166 User's Guide

C166 Introduction Compiling Programs Language Extensions Preprocessor Advanced Programming Error Messages Fatal Errors Actions Messages Errors and Warnings Reference Error C1 Warning C2 Error C3 Error C4 Error C5 Error C6 Error C7 Error C8 Warning C9 Error C10 Error C11 Warning C12 Warning C13 Warning C14 Error C15 Error C16 Error C17 Error C18 Error C19 Error C20 Error C21 Error C22 Error C23 Error C24 Error C25 Error C26 Error C27 Error C28 Error C29 Warning C30 Error C31 Error C32 Error C33 Warning C34 Warning C35 Error C36 Warning C38 Error C39 Warning C40 Error C41 Error C42 Error C44 Error C45 Warning C46 Warning C47 Error C48 Error C49 Error C50 Error C51 Warning C52 Error C53 Error C54 Error C55 Error C56 Warning C57 Error C60 Error C61 Error C64 Error C65 Error C66 Error C67 Error C68 Error C69 Error C70 Error C71 Warning C72 Error C73 Error C74 Error C75 Error C76 Error C77 Error C79 Error C80 Error C81 Error C82 Error C83 Error C84 Error C85 Error C86 Error C87 Error C88 Warning C89 Error C90 Error C91 Error C92 Error C93 Error C94 Warning C95 Warning C96 Error C97 Error C98 Error C99 Error C100 Warning C101 Warning C102 Error C103 Error C104 Warning C105 Error C106 Warning C107 Error C109 Error C110 Warning C111 Warning C112 Warning C113 Warning C114 Error C115 Error C116 Error C117 Warning C118 Error C119 Error C120 Error C121 Error C122 Error C123 Error C124 Error C125 Error C126 Error C127 Error C128 Error C129 Error C130 Error C131 Error C132 Error C133 Error C134 Warning C135 Error C136 Warning C137 Warning C138 Error C139 Warning C140 Error C141 Error C142 Error C143 Error C144 Warning C145 Warning C146 Warning C147 Error C148 Warning C149 Warning C150 Warning C151 Error C152 Warning C153 Error C154 Error C155 Error C156 Warning C161 Warning C162 Error C163 Warning C164 Warning C165 Warning C166 Warning C167 Warning C169 Warning C170 Warning C171 Warning C172 Error C173 Error C174 Warning C175 Warning C176 Error C177 Warning C178 Error C179 Error C180 Warning C181 Error C182 Error C183 Error C184 Warning C185 Error C186 Error C187 Error C188 Error C189 Error C190 Error C191 Warning C192 Error C193 Error C194 Error C195 Error C196 Warning C197 Warning C198 Warning C199 Warning C200 Error C201 Warning C300 Warning C301 Warning C302 Warning C303 Warning C304 Warning C305 Warning C306 Warning C307 Warning C308 Warning C309 Warning C310 Warning C311 Warning C312 Error C313 Warning C314 Warning C315 Warning C316 Error C317 Warning C318 Warning C319 Warning C320 Warning C321 Error C322 Error C323 Error C324 Warning C325 Warning C326 Warning C327 Warning C328 Warning C500 Library Reference Appendix


The following pages describe the errors and warnings generated by the C166 Compiler. Messages are listed in numerical order and each is divided into several sections:

Summary Briefly describes the error or warning.
Description Provides a detailed description of the problem encountered.
Cause Describes typical causes of the problem.
Resolution Describes ways you may solve the problem.
Example Gives a function or program fragment that causes the error or warning.
See Also Provides related information.

The table lists Errors and Warnings

C1 Error Misplaced Primary Control, Line Ignored
C2 Warning Unknown #pragma/control Directive, Line Ignored
C3 Error ASM/ENDASM Not Allowed in Include File
C4 Error SAVE/RESTORE: Save-Stack Overflow/Underflow
C5 Error ASM/ENDASM Requires SRC-Control to be active
C6 Error Invalid Argument given to #pragma
C7 Error Compilation Aborted
C8 Error Code Size Exceeds %dK
C9 Warning Function Pointer: %s changed to far
C10 Error Conversion: type operator type
C11 Error Internal Error: message
C12 Warning '=' type Converted to Pointer
C13 Warning Unsafe Conversion: type Truncated to Short Pointer
C14 Warning operator: Unsafe Conversion - Boolean to Pointer
C15 Error Floating-Point Error
C16 Error Unprintable Character 0xnn Skipped
C17 Error Unclosed String
C18 Error String Too Long
C19 Error '\c': Invalid Character Constant
C20 Error '\esc': Value Exceeds 255
C21 Error 'c': Illegal Octal Digit
C22 Error Constant Too Big
C23 Error Bad Syntax in Floating-Point Number
C24 Error Hex Constants Must Have At Least One Hex Digit
C25 Error Syntax Error Near token
C26 Error Expression Too Complex, Simplify
C27 Error Illegal Type Specifier
C28 Error More Than One Storage Class
C29 Error Formal Parameter Has Illegal Storage Class
C30 Warning Same Type Qualifier Used More Than Once
C31 Error Declarator Too Complex (20)
C32 Error Type-Stack Underflow
C33 Error identifier: Invalid Storage Class
C34 Warning Missing Declaration Specifiers
C35 Warning identifier: Uses Old-Style Declarator
C36 Error Missing Declarator
C38 Warning Empty Translation Unit
C39 Error identifier: Typedef May Not be Used for Function Definition
C40 Warning type Converted to memory-space Pointer
C41 Error Duplicate Function-Parameter
C42 Error Not in Formal Parameter List
C44 Error Illegal Use of memory-space Specifier
C45 Error Memory Attribute Ignored
C46 Warning Storage Class class Ignored
C47 Warning identifier: Unreferenced Item
C48 Error identifier: struct/union Type Redefinition
C49 Error tag-name: Not a union Tag
C50 Error tag-name: Not a struct Tag
C51 Error tag-name: Not an enum Tag
C52 Warning Use of Undefined Type tag-name
C53 Error Redefinition of identifier
C54 Error identifier: Duplicate Label
C55 Error identifier: Undefined Label
C56 Error '{', Scope Stack Overflow (31)
C57 Warning Parameter number: Different From Declaration
C60 Error identifier: Duplicate Member
C61 Error Duplicate Parameter
C64 Error identifier: static Function Declared But Not Defined
C65 Error Illegal Use of near/far/huge
C66 Error Invalid Dereference
C67 Error identifier: Undefined Identifier
C68 Error Left Side of -> Requires struct/union Pointer
C69 Error Left Side of . Requires struct/union
C70 Error identifier: Undefined Member
C71 Error Subscript Requires Array or Pointer Type
C72 Warning sizeof Returns Zero
C73 Error sizeof Illegal Operand Taken
C74 Error Type Follows void
C75 Error void Follows Other Types
C76 Error Formal Parameter Ignored
C77 Error identifier: Invalid or Conflicting Memory Space
C79 Error '*' Indirection to Object of Unknown Size
C80 Error '*' Illegal Indirection
C81 Error Call Not to a Function
C82 Error '+': Two Pointers
C83 Error operator: Incompatible Types
C84 Error Illegal Type Conversion
C85 Error void Illegal With All Types
C86 Error operator: void Illegal With All Types
C87 Error Illegal Type Conversion on struct/union Type
C88 Error operator: Invalid Left/Right Operand Type
C89 Warning operator: Different Levels of Indirection
C90 Error operator: Different struct/union Types
C91 Error operator: Pointer to Different Objects
C92 Error operator: Requires L-Value
C93 Error operator: bit or Bit Field Not Allowed
C94 Error identifier: Declared With void Parameter List
C95 Warning identifier: Too Many Actual Parameters
C96 Warning identifier: Too Few Actual Parameters
C97 Error Parameter number: Incompatible Types
C98 Error Parameter number: Pointer to Different Objects
C99 Error operator: L-Value Specifies a const Object
C100 Error operator: Left/Right Operand Must be an L-Value
C101 Warning L-Value Specifies a const/code Object
C102 Warning operator: Different const/volatile Qualifiers
C103 Error Illegal Function Definition (Missing ';')
C104 Error Different Function Types
C105 Warning Unnamed Type Definition in Parentheses
C106 Error '&' on Constant
C107 Warning Address of Automatic: Dangling Reference
C109 Error Illegal Constant Expression
C110 Error Non-Constant Array Dimension or case Expression
C111 Warning Division by Zero
C112 Warning Modulo by Zero
C113 Warning Nonstandard Extension: Cast on L-Value Was Used
C114 Warning operator: Integral Constant Overflow
C115 Error operator: Applied to Unsigned Type, Result Still Unsigned
C116 Error Negative Subscript
C117 Error Constant Expression: Value Out of Range
C118 Warning enum Constant: Signed Value Out of Range
C119 Error identifier: Bit-Field Type Too Small for Number of Bits
C120 Error identifier: Named Bit-Field Cannot Have 0 Width
C121 Error identifier: char/int Type Required for Bit Fields
C122 Error identifier: Unknown Size
C123 Error identifier: Allocation Exceeds 64K
C124 Error identifier: Illegal Pointer: bit *
C125 Error identifier: Array of Invalid Type
C126 Error identifier: Function Returning Invalid Type
C127 Error identifier: Member Has Invalid Type
C128 Error identifier: Self Relative struct/union
C129 Error identifier: Uses Undefined struct/union tag-name
C130 Error break/continue: Missing Enclosing Loop
C131 Error case/default: Missing Enclosing switch
C132 Error case Value number Already Used
C133 Error More Than One default
C134 Error Can't Return huge/xhuge struct/union
C135 Warning function-name: No Return Value
C136 Error Return Value on void Function
C137 Warning Constant in Condition Expression
C138 Warning Expression With Possibly No Effect
C139 Error Expression Has Illegal Type
C140 Warning identifier Undefined; Assuming extern int identifier()
C141 Error identifier: Too Many Initializers
C142 Error Illegal Initialization
C143 Error identifier: Initializer Is Not a Constant
C144 Error identifier: Initialization Needs Curly Braces
C145 Warning Non-L-Value struct Converted to Pointer
C146 Warning identifier: Slightly Different Types
C147 Warning conversion to pointer: value truncated
C148 Error Initializer Uses An Auto-Address
C149 Warning Potential Pointer Truncation
C150 Warning memory-space Pointer Converted to memory-space Pointer
C151 Warning Pointer Truncation memory-space to memory-space
C152 Error Bad Type Conversion: type to type
C153 Warning operator: Different Spaced Pointer (memory-space, memory-space)
C154 Error Cannot Allocate An Array of Constant Size 0
C155 Error Invalid Base Address
C156 Error Invalid sbit Declaration
C161 Warning memory-space Pointer Truncated to memory-space Pointer
C162 Warning far/huge/xhuge Not Allowed in Tiny Model
C163 Error Data/Function Pointer Converted to Function/Data Pointer
C164 Warning More Than 128 regbanks/vectors
C165 Warning Interrupt Vector Redefinition
C166 Warning Interrupt Vector number: Already in Use
C167 Warning Intrinsic function-name: Declaration or Activation Error
C169 Warning Illegal Task Definition (Task ID/Priority)
C170 Warning Constant Value Not in Range range
C171 Warning Interrupt/Using: Can't Receive or Return Values
C172 Warning segment/group Length Exceeded: Act=actvalue, Max=maxvalue
C173 Error operator: Signed/Unsigned Type Mismatch
C174 Error identifier: Unreferenced static Function
C175 Warning identifier: More Than 32 Local Bits
C176 Warning identifier: Automatics Require More than 16,384 Bytes
C177 Error Unreachable Code
C178 Warning atomic/endatomic: Available in 167 Mode Only
C179 Error function-name: Out of Memory While Optimizing Function
C180 Error function-name: Not Every Path Returns a Value
C181 Warning identifier: Unknown Size
C182 Error identifier: Unknown Size, Assumed to be extern
C183 Error Dead Assignment Eliminated
C184 Error Value of identifier Possibly Undefined
C185 Warning Atomic #number: Out of Range
C186 Error expression Meaningless Use of an Expression
C187 Error Address Not Aligned
C188 Error expression: Address of R-Value Taken
C189 Error variable: Storage Class Changed to static
C190 Error identifier: Not Mapped to Register
C191 Error identifier: Incomplete Type
C192 Warning expression: Value Truncation
C193 Error function-name: More than 256 Parameters
C194 Error directive: Requires MODV2 Control
C195 Error Inline Assembly Error: instruction
C196 Error __asm: Cannot be Used with SRC Mode
C197 Warning function-name: Function Not Inlined
C198 Warning Integral Size Mismatch
C199 Warning Subscript Out of Range
C200 Warning identifier: Shift Factor Out of Range, Truncated
C201 Error identifier: Incompatible attributes: 'const - sdata'
C300 Warning Unterminated Comment
C301 Warning identifier Expected
C302 Warning Misused # Operator
C303 Warning Formal Argument Expected
C304 Warning Bad Macro Parameter List
C305 Warning Unterminated String/char Constant
C306 Warning Unterminated Macro Call
C307 Warning Macro macro-name: Parameter Count Mismatch
C308 Warning Invalid Integer Constant Expression
C309 Warning Bad or Missing File Name
C310 Warning Conditionals Too Nested (20)
C311 Warning Misplaced elif/else Control
C312 Warning Misplaced endif Control
C313 Error Can't Remove Predefined Macro macro-name
C314 Warning Bad # Directive Syntax
C315 Warning Unknown # Directive identifier
C316 Warning Unterminated Conditionals
C317 Error Redefinition of Macro macro-name
C318 Warning Can't Open File file-name
C319 Warning file-name: Not a Disk File
C320 Warning User_error_ Text
C321 Warning Missing character
C322 Error Unknown identifier
C323 Error New-line Expected, Extra Character Found
C324 Error Preprocessor Token Expected
C325 Warning Duplicate Formal Parameter identifier
C326 Warning Macro Body Cannot Start or End With ##
C327 Warning Macro macro-name: More Than 50 Parameters
C328 Warning Misplaced ASM/ENDASM
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