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2.22 -r

Replaces, or adds, files in the specified library.


If the library does not exist, a new library file is created and a diagnostic message is written to standard error.You can use this option in conjunction with other compatible command-line options.
-q is an alias for -r.
If no files are specified and the library exists, the results are undefined. Files that replace existing files do not change the order of the library.
If the -u option is used, then only those files with dates of modification later than the library files are replaced.
If the -a, -b, or -i option is used, then pos_name must be present and specifies that new files are to be placed after (-a) or before (-b or -i) pos_name. Otherwise the new files are placed at the end.


To add or replace obj1.o, obj2.o, and obj3.o files in a library, enter:
armar -r mylib.a obj1.o obj2.o obj3.o
To replace files with names beginning with k in a library, and only if the file in the library is older than the specified file, enter:
armar -ru mylib.a k*.o
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