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About the fromelf image converter

1.1 About the fromelf image converter

The fromelf image conversion utility allows you to modify ELF image and object files, and to display information on those files.

fromelf allows you to:
  • Process ARM ELF object and image files that the compiler, assembler, and linker generate.
  • Process all ELF files in an archive that armar creates, and output the processed files into another archive if necessary.
  • Convert ELF images into other formats for use by ROM tools or for direct loading into memory. The formats available are:
    • Plain binary.
    • Motorola 32-bit S-record.
    • Intel Hex-32.
    • Byte oriented (Verilog Memory Model) hexadecimal.
  • Display information about the input file, for example, disassembly output or symbol listings, to either stdout or a text file. Disassembly is generated in ARM assembler syntax and not GNU assembler syntax.


If your image is produced without debug information, fromelf cannot:
  • Translate the image into other file formats.
  • Produce a meaningful disassembly listing.


The command-line option descriptions and related information in the individual ARM® Compiler tools documents describe all the features that ARM Compiler supports. Any features not documented are not supported and are used at your own risk. You are responsible for making sure that any generated code using unsupported features is operating correctly.
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